Abstract— being used in 5G In coming days 5G

Abstract— Growth in human civilaization, advanancement in
science and technology made  
communication to play vital role in  life of human  . technology is changing day by day, smart
phones has become part of human life .In this paper  we have mainly foccussed on essence of 5G and
need of it for future generation , networks are used to connect whole world in
past few decades communication through internet is significately contributes to
countries economy .5G makes communication more reliable and efficient 5G
provides high band width ,user friendly.LTE based prosystem, NOMA and many
other predominant technologies are being used in 5G In coming days 5G can
occupy world market It avoids error and unparallalised consistency.


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. To communicate through wireless media with high
reliability technology is improving day by day .As per the wire less technologies
concerned  we have various generations
like 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

1G  It  is the first generation wireless  technology which was started  in 1980, NMT(Nordic mobile telephony),TACS(total
access communication system,ETACS(European total access communicationsystem)started
wireless communication in  1G the speed
was up to 2.4kbps ,it allows voice calls in one country . Analog signals are
preffered in this generation, As analog signals canot be transferred to a long
distance made raise to new generation 2G.

2G second generation  works with digital technology in which analog
signals are converted to digital and analog signals are converted in to digital
during communication  which can travel
over a long distance.GSM is the technology is introduced for wireless voice
communication and data accesss  2.5G
technology  was later introduced with data
speed was up to 64kbps It provides services like text and picture messages. In this  technology gprs is introduced for data
transmission but data rate is low(56.64kbps) hence we moved to 2.75G.

2.75G uses  EDGE(enhanced data rate for gsm technology)
with  data rate of 170kbps. 2G,2.5G,2.75G
combindly known as 2G technology

3G:third generation uses (UMTS)  universal mobile terrestrial system which
gives data rate of 384kbps. It also provide us videos calling this increased
bandwidth and introduced web applications. It provides faster communication in
sending and receiving messages .cost is the major draw back and it  phone size is increased

4G: 1gbps data rate for stationery users and 100mbps
for high

Mobility users we need higher data rate when we move
in bullet train sNow our target is 5G (10gbps ), it includes features like  high speed data access and high quality
streaming video , it combind stuff of wi-fi and wi-max, more security is its
predominant feature it has high capacity and low cost per bit

5G  technology
is the complete wireless communication with no 
limitations, which highly supports wwww( wireless world wide web) 5G is
more efficient and attractive . The major objectives of this technology are
cloud service ,High speed internet,wireless ,HDCCTV  in addition to this in order to support iot
and electronic smart devices augumented devices 
which leads to tremendous amount of massive connectivity which can be
supported by 5G .5G  can provide
interactive media ,voice streaming videocalling, high speed internet and other






5g technology is still in
development  and likely to deploit in
society it includes faster communication lower latency service and better coverage
which provides larger number of users over a wider areaBefore 10 years we are
dealing with flip phones ,voice calls and sms but  inorder to have more data rate and faster
access we go with 5g  and iot based
applications and many future innovations like machine to machine speaking and
also increase reliability and efficiency





5G will include a new radio access technology  and many other predominant features Which enables
us to connect to whole world the previous 
generations 3g and 4g sreated many Issues of connectivity and technology
which we can over come in this 5G technology by 2020

5G will be started 
first in the areas where there is need of fast communication
services  with high frequency bands

 5G includes
MIMO ( multiple input and multiple output ) it is use in antenna in tele
communication for end to end connection  NOMA  (
non orthogonal multiple access)technologies thy consumes powe r to separate signals
 they also isolates high energy signals
and removes low eergy signals at receivers end

The predominant features of 5G are  good performance , high performance with low
battery life

5g technology is used in cellular systems  which is communication without wires the land
area is