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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the USA fromMarch 1861 to his assassination in April 1865.He was best known as the greatest president in the historyof the USA.He ended slavery which changed the world and preventedthe South from leaving the union during the Civil War.He accomplished great things regardless of growing up ina poor family, without a proper education.2 The HeroAbraham Lincoln is courageous and shows determinationby continuing to find success after failures. He has theabilities to fear nothing in his way of his destiny and totake a lead in a given scenario.3 The Call to AdventureHe believes in equality and wants to help those who don’thave the rights and freedom that they deserve. He wassurrounded by a corrupt society where slavery and racismexisted which caused him to take action.English Summative by: Harish v1 14 He decided to run for Member of Congress and wanted aseat in Legislature. However, he lost twice to the sameopponent-Senator A.Douglas. This made him questionhimself of his abilities and skills, and his lack of educationmade other people question him of his worthy. But heended up winning on his third try.Refusal of the Call5 His helpers were his wife, his parents and his friends. Hiswife was into politics like he was and she encouraged himthat he will make a great President for what he believes in.His parents had his support from the start of his careergetting involved in politics. And his friends say that he is a”Great Debater” which is what most people call him.Mentors & Helpers6 The Test(s)He gave a speech in 1854 about his plan to end slaveryand free the slaves. However, he didn’t have enoughexperience compared to his counterpart-SenatorA.Douglas. His lack of education made people questionhim and his ability to run for president. This tested hisskills and credibility to the nation. He also tested himselfby re-electing for Member of Congress even after loosinga couple times.English Summative by: Harish v1 27 Low PointThe election had come along and resulted in Lincolnbecoming the 16th President of the USA. However, manypeople were throwing a lot hate towards him and weren’tsatisfied of the election .People from the South wanted toleave the union because they didn’t want slavery tobecome illegal and they didn’t accept Lincoln as thepresident. His election had created a Civil War whichalmost split up the USA.8 ResurrectionAbraham Lincoln lead his nation at the Civil War and hewanted to bring the nation back together. He proves thatthe nation is stronger as one and prevented the Southfrom leaving. He was victorious in preserving the unionbecause he united a divided country, and ended slaverywhich was vital to the South.9 RestitutionToday, Abraham Lincoln is remembered as not only “thegreatest president of the USA” but a man who changedthe world. His 2 main pleadings as president were just acouple of accomplishments he fulfilled at the position ofpresident.English Summative by: Harish v1 310 Theme StatementIn the novel Abraham Lincoln A life, Keneally makes itevident that one’s beliefs influence them to becourageous to find their destiny.