A You can eat only cakes, this method works

A lot has already been said about the power of positive thinking: with its help one can cure cancer, earn millions and achieve any goal that has been set. Nevertheless, millions of people live in constant stress, which inevitably leads to negative perception of the surrounding world. This is a vicious circle – translating into the universe negatively colored thoughts and words, a person receives from her the same negative. If you feel ready to stop being a hostage of negativity, the following information will help you make the final decision and begin to think positively every second of your life. So, what can you benefit from positive thinking? Health . Surely, each of you heard or vaguely guesses that the physical condition of a person is related to his thoughts, actions and words. And it’s not just connected – the body literally reflects everything that you think and say. The most elementary example: having woken up in the morning with a malaise, even if you do not realize it, you make a choice: to get sick completely or even by the evening feel yourself cheerful and healthy. Next time in such a situation, get out of bed, go to the mirror and say out loud: “I’m absolutely healthy. I feel great, and every minute I’m getting better. ” This affirmation can be repeated during the day about yourself or out loud. Beauty . For those who struggle with excess weight, positive thinking is simply necessary. Pay attention, when you eat something high-calorie and “not laid” on a diet, you scroll in your head the amount of these calories, imagine how they are put off on their sides, and sometimes say aloud (for example, to a friend): “Well, tomorrow, plus 2 kilograms. ” And what happens? You get those two kilos and a terrible mood. Try a different approach. From now on, whatever you eat, keep repeating to yourself: “Everything I eat makes me slimmer. I become slimmer every day from the food I eat. ” All! You can eat only cakes, this method works in any case. If you also say the same thing aloud, the effect will be stunning. Money . Anyone who wants to become rich must begin to feel rich right now. Many authors have talked about this, and this is indeed the case. As long as you lament over your poverty, debts, the need to work in unloved jobs, wealth will not come. It is born within you, and only then it manifests itself in the outer world. How to apply positive thinking to the material side of life? First, start to treat your work as a favorite and perform it with such pleasure, as if it already brings you millions. Do not let yourself go back to the negative attitude – it will not just be just the beginning. What can happen to you: you will be invited to a better-paid job or you will be paid a salary where you work now. With more money, you will save a huge amount of energy, which used to go to complaints, irritation, self-pity and other negative aspects. This energy will flow into something positive – you will start creating, open up your business, change the line of activity and all this, of course, will bring you money – such that previously seemed an unattainable drea