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“A picture paints a thousand words”, a quote from the book “Printer’s Ink”, is a phrase widely used in todays society. As woman entrepreneur who aspires to establish her own business one day, I want to create a luxury, e-commerce, fashion brand that will help “paint” one’s persona through the apparel they wear. University of Michigan has produced notable alumni in the business world such as Larry Pages and Madonna, who have made a significant impact in the technology and fashion sectors. I want to an entrepreneur, who will bridge the gap between these two industries, and will build a luxury fashion brand which would create personalized clothing by analyzing a customer’s social media accounts, to make thoughtful predictions about their character and personality. I feel that University Michigan’s business program is the ideal place for me to explore the diverse courses that are offered, to connect the pieces I need to build my luxury brand. What fascinates me the most about fashion is how social & political trends shape customer purchase patterns, in this volatile industry. My fascination drove me to study statistics as well as finance in high school where, I learned strategies to analyze data using probability models such as linear regression models and z score. I realized that people choose fashion brands based off celebrity trends as well as their own political and social view points. Knowing this fact, I knew I had to create a brand that incorporates technology as well as economics to have a competitive edge in the fashion market. So, I worked with a few colleagues to build a regression model, that analyzes trends in news articles to predict upcoming trends. Using the programming language skills, I learned in my high school economics class such as R, and my knowledge of business as well as probability, I was able to successfully accomplish a small goal on my road to establish my very own brand. However, while I was working on my project I realized I still require more knowledge, an all rounded skill set, and so I feel that the University of Michigan’s business program offers a wide variety of courses that I can explore to setup my business as effectively as possible. I recently read in a news article that an outdoor fashion brand called MooseJaw was created by University of Michigan students. Inspired by this story, I researched about their brand and ever since have set my eyes on getting into University if Michigan’s business school. My idols graduated from this amazing school, and so I want to grow and follow a similar but unique path to establish the next big brand on par with Coco Chanel, Versace and other luxury fashion brands.In conclusion, I want to be the next big thing in the fashion – tech world. A brand not only recognized by many for its uniqueness and technology, but for the connection that I plan on establishing between technology, business and fashion. More than the business program, University of Michigan offers an amazing entrepreneurship program which helps students grow as business men/women, providing mentorship and advice, as well as aid and funding for a start up I hope to have.