A. the first day of its operations, and also

company as a whole offers superior quality product and a satisfied and loyal
customer care.

on the  “Delivery Quality Service”
research in 1990 conducted by V.Zeithaml, A.Paraskraman and L.Berry, service
quality dimensions ranked by customers that actually measure SERVQUAL are
listed below ranked by rate of importance:

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Reliability: Perform promised service dependably
and accurately

Responsiveness: Willingness to help customers

Assurance: Ability to convey trust and

Empathy: Caring, individual attention

Tangibles: Appearance of physical facilities,
equipment, personnel

and communication materials

development of the SERVQUAL instrument to measure quality gives enlightnening
information as  it helps service
providers to understand the customers’ expectations, their perceptions of
actual service delivered and the gaps between them, leading the providers to to
improve elements of customize service quality as well as investing in training
for their stuff providing these services. http://www.serviceperformance.com/the-5-service-dimensions-all-customers-care-about/

reliability in performing its promised service accurately consists a factor of
success of the company. After an airline course since 1992 and on, when almost
all attempts  of enterpreneurs that tried
to introduce airlines in the Greek spectrum came to nowhere, Aegean achieved to
survive through its absolute commitment to quality in customer service that was
a flag from the first day of its operations, and also through its impressive
accuracy in departure times. The public was encouraged from this reliability
and saturated from the inconsistencies of the public Olympic Airways, it
prefered Aegean giving to the company good reputation and credits in its
reliability. Actually since now, in 2015, in 106.031 scheduled flights Aegean
and Olympic Air on time performance was 86,6% while in 109.690 scheduled
flights Aegean achieved a 3.659 increase of the number of the on time flights
rising on time performance to 86,8% (Aegean Sustainability Report, 2016, p43).

company not only offers superior quality product in  average prices but delivers its promises “for
a unique travel experiences end-to- end”, through travel stages, from the
reservation to arrival as well as subsequent reward” (Aegean Sustainability
Report, 2016, p43).

due to its “continuous development-quality service- reliability approach”
Aegean keeps its reliability at high levels but also its assurrance and
responsiveness. It offers prompt service to its customers and supply its
employees with the right knowledge, courtesy as well as equipment in order to
convey trust and confidence.

this context, with the provision of technologically advanced services to its
passengers  (mentioned in page   …….) the passengers are facilitated to save
time and have direct access. The company, further, upgrades its website as well
as its mobile services in order to immediately inform and facilitate quick,
prompt and instant correspondence.

in addition, offers a set of customised services like: Aegean for families (a
bundle of services designed for family trips), Business Class passengers and
Gold Miles and Bonus members, that provide exclusive and VIP services and
comforts, the Miles and Bonus customer loyalty Program, the Business on board
Loyalty Program as well as a program for passenger care in case of flight
cancelation, delay and misconnection. Finally, the new launched “connecting
passengers” from 2016 offers a set of services that facilitate in a transparent
and simple manner the guidance of connecting passengers through Athens
Interrnational airport “El. Venizelos”( Aegean Sustainability Report, 2016,

above mentioned customer care services, processes and operations as well as a
thorough empathetic, individualized and 
caring communication with the Customer Relation Department of Aegean and
Olympic Air respectivelly is available 5 hours daily per week. Companys’
website further provides contact forms for AA and OA respectively and
communication also can be achieved through comment cards that are available at
the airport during arrival or departure as well as on board. In these ways
passengers can submit a request, make a complaint, receive information and  give recommendations to the company. Actually
AA and OA, based on their qualitative evaluation have dealt   have responded to more than 82% of all
requests within 20 calendar days in 2016, regarding its Sustainability Report (p50).

company has cultivated a Service Leadership as well as Innovative Culture.

company has created frontlines’ values and goals to be consistent with the firm
and is effectively sharing perceptions, values and beliefs bottom up of what is
important and why in order to implement quality services and customer care
efficiently. Iternal marketing had played a vital role in maintaining and
nurturing the corporate culture and helped ensure service delivery, employee
trust and loyalty. The company motivates staff to perform their best and
further enhances employee satisfaction and 
“employees’ active participation in submitting ideas for improvement and
implementation of corporate processes and decisions” (Aegean Sustainability
Report, 2016, p 17).

company, further, through its innovative leadership team had developed
innovative travel services for prompt notification and operations as well as
procedures simplification (eg: flight related notification services and
passport and ID scanning apps for faster service) offering passengers more
choices, further develop its loyalty program as well as reduce distribution and
utilization costs, adding value not only to the airline market but also to the
Greek Tourism.

company has an employee network with service-oriented skills, specialized technical
expertise and good knowledge.

into account the intangibility, perishability, heterogeneity of the product as
well as simultaneity of production and consumption that are the unique
characteristics of services, service employees play a crucially important role.
Specifically, encounter with service staff is the most important aspect of a
service and frontline performance is an important source of differentiation and
competitive advantage as it is a core part of the product, the service firm and
the brand.