A the available road space to carry them from

A change in lifestyle has created greater demand for people
travel. To rectify transportation problems in some area some well-intended
policies have been formulated and implemented. However, they do not indicate
the trend towards fulfilling sustainable transport agenda.

The main objective of the plans seems to be reducing air
pollution at traffic congestion. It seems that not much consideration is given
on the environmental and social aspects of the transportation system number of
vehicles in major cities in Malaysia that increasing annually same like car
manufactured industries growth. In Ipoh City, the number of vehicle increases
in traffic volume on Sultan Azlan Shah Road that including in stretches are
shown in Table 1.

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Traffic growth is increasing annually, which is a typical
growth rate of developing countries. The increase of number of vehicles it will
compete with the available road space to carry them from one place to another.
The inability of the road network to carry the amount of traffic generated will
cause severe road congestion in certain time. Besides congestion, increase in
traffic volume also causes several undesirable effects such as increase in pollution
and increases in accident. Annual traffic volume of vehicle in Ipoh City
studies had indicated that increases in traffic volumes also causes of increasing
air pollution.


There are various different types of Increase in traffic
volume causes traffic congestion in terms of increases in delays such as amount
of time vehicles spend idling and slowing down while traversing any stretch of
road and increases in number of stops per vehicle, especially at major road in
urban areas.


 As we know the function of the junction is to
allow vehicles to change direction onto another road without causing serious
traffic conflict and avoiding major road accidents. But the junction design
should be upgraded time by time depends on traffic volume in certain road
location .Traffic congestion will get worse if the road is not plan properly
and upgraded according to the appropriate standard. Traffic congestion leads to
higher oil consumption and emissions, which are poisoning the air in urban
areas.  In Malaysia, there is no limit on
the age of a vehicle for it to be classified as ‘road-worthy’. As such, there
are as many old vehicles on the road as there are new ones. There is no
compulsory periodical inspection of private motor vehicles to ensure that they
are properly regulated.