A the architecture of hospital which is made in

A hospital in general is a
healthcare institution providing patient treatment with (urgent) health
problems and who need long term care under the guidance and supervision of
specialized profession medical practitioners and nurses.

While during the past people who
were suffering from disorders were used to treat by religious people and their
sub ordinates in temple and the earliest example that was documented was the
ancient Egyptian temples in Greece and later they were developed by the 19th
century by British Empire and Europe.

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Today the hospitals work in an
effective and efficient environment with several physicians, surgeons and other
specialised doctors and most importantly the architecture of hospital which is
made in perspective of providing convenience to doctors and patients during the
course of treatment and to reduce error as much as possible and with the time
hospital have been divided into many types such as general, district,
specialised, teaching and clinics and departments such as emergency and
critical care department, ICU, cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, maternity
care, oncology, gynaecology, pulmonology, ENT and many more.

As the hospital runs with several
departments round the clock with many different people and cases hospital needs
to work in the perspective of availability of services and manpower from time
to time whenever required and it is possible by planning and implementing a
department which is one of the most important and major functioning department
that is the healthcare management and administration which confirms about the
availability of these services.

The main aim of health care
management is to propose a new set of principles and to reflect the post
affordable care act and helps in promoting scientific management and developing
high quality of hospital so as to make it rational, responsible, and cost
effective to both consumers and providers leading to advancement.

The role of healthcare management
not only ends up with the advancement of healthcare systems but also with another
important factor and also a challenge that is the satisfaction level of
patients to whom the services are being provided to.




As per the definition given by “The
Institute of Medicines” quality of care is defined as the degree to which
health care services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of
desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge”

Quality of care is not restricted
with only patient outcome and satisfaction but it also deals with the rise of
healthcare industry among other business and other competitors and expenditure
and invention of new technologies, its safety, effectiveness and efficiency and
managing patient mortality and morbidity.

The overall responsibility who
would manage the quality of care is in the hands of physicians and nurses how
they behave and treat with patients

Patients are considered as the
biggest stake holders of healthcare industry hence it is their responsibility
to select their right team members who can treat them.

It depends completely on the
patient in regard with success and failure of the team hence it is very
important to handle with care and they are considered as a heart of everything
that we do.

Most of the cases would be like the

Whenever a patient visits a
hospital a physician must handle them with patience than rushing to other
patient without making a solution for them. It is necessary that when a person
consult a physician we have to make them feel valued and with respect and
listen and communicate with them efficiently.

There might be many patients who
may not like and feel uncomfortable with the hospital atmosphere in such cases
they would not discuss their case with the physician. So it is very important
to make the patient comfortable with the surrounding so that they can share
their illness with doctor for treatment purpose.

The patients who are critically ill
might have lot of emotional stress with a feeling of risk of not getting well
and recovered and with a feeling of hope that they can be cured. When a
physician understands their emotional stress it means they have already treated
them half.