A passion for computer science. Furthermore, the diversity of

A never ending obsession with computers and other fast emerging technologies along with an ardent interest in the rapidly developing field of technology evoked my passion for computer science. Furthermore, the diversity of computer science with attempts at modeling objects mathematically and then using these models to derive logic and correctly anticipate outcomes has always intrigued me. This has with time, cultured a strong desire within me to rapidly suffuse the fundamental principles of technology and computer science enabling me to not only  adopt a rigorous and analytical approach to problem solving but has also instilled in me the art of creativity and  scientific inquiry. Consequently, the computer industry has continued to model the planet into a connected contemporary society.   

Education is life itself. Eight years from now, I see myself with a master’s degree from a world renowned university. The excellent, exceptional and unique undergraduate program at the Quest University will not only, through the small seminar classes and the Block plan style of learning, equip me with a strong foundation of Computer Science fundamentals with its relation to other fields but also equip me with the necessary creative and innovative skills to solve present time problems in technology effectively. Pursuing the question, how effective technology and its diverse applications can end poverty making Kenya move with pace with the rest of the western world in technology will help me deal with emerging and resident issues in Africa.

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My long term goal is a tech enabled and conscious Kenya. Changing Africa into a first-class global research destination for her ability to not only coming up with new and more sophisticated technology but also solve problems in technology. This is the vision that has always and will always radiate me through the journey into the future. Viva Africa!