a. of third party candidates and their running mates,

a. While Independent parties must depend on the small donations from individual voters, Democrats and Republicans get corporate donations, union contributions, and indirect funding through political action groups. The corporate campaign donations are viewed as “low-risk high reward”  investments because corporations donate to both of the two political parties. This distribution of cash allows for the Democrats and Republicans to leisurely spend money on sharing their ideas through advertisements, media, as well as other means. Third party candidates usually do not have as much campaign financing as the Democrats and Republicans which means that they are ignored by the media and can’t get as much support as the the two parties who have a massive financial budget. Without much publicity, the third party cant get the 15% support in 5 national polls  in order to qualify for Commission on Presidential Debates which completely obliterates there chances of getting any ground in the election. The way the election system is set up specifically denies people other than Democrats and republicans into the public eye. 
b. This system allows Democrats and Republicans to limit Independent party’s first amendment law of freedom of speech which is unconstitutional. When George Bush and Al Gore debated at the University of Massachusetts in 2000 the CPD had Nader, the third party candidate, barred and threatened with arrest for attempting to watch the debate via live stream in a separate auditorium. In Nader’s suit, it came out that CPD provided security with a “Facebook” containing pictures of third party candidates and their running mates, who were not to be allowed in. In 2012 When Barack Obama debated Mitt Romney at Hofstra University, the Green Party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates, Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, were arrested for attempting to enter the debate grounds. With this system of systematic exclusion emplaced by the two major political parties, true democracy cannot prevail. The way elections are won now is by the candidate with the most money, not necessarily the most qualified. We should make sure that the public is aware of all the options that they have instead of shutting down the voices of others (third party candidates). Capitol Hill should not be an auction to the highest bidder.