A memory, each cell is allocated a uncommon “name,”

A bit
(less for binary numbers) is the minimum amount of data in the computer. Bits
have a single binary value, 0 or 1. Computers typically provide commands to
control and manipulate bits, but are typically designed to store data and to
execute bit multiple instructions called bytes. Boolean operators are simple
words (AND, OR, NOT, AND NOT) Join which joins or excludes search terms in
belonging search Productive results. Avoid inappropriate strokes and save time
and effort It must be scanned before being destroyed. AND represent that one statement
is true and other is wrong OR represent any one statement is correct XOR
represent only one statement is true Not represent we will give input then they
give to contrast output a device which give us an output when this we give
input is called Gates A group of a circuits is known as Flip Flop For the determination of storing
data, a computer covers a large group of circuits (such as flip-flops), each
skilled of storing a single bit. This bit reservoir is called the machine’s
main memory. a computer’s Main memory arrange in controllable units this unit its
known cell each cell contain 8 bits and 8 bits is equal to one byte In a
computer there is no left & right . bits arrange in a row . the left hand
of this row its known high order end and the other end is low order end.

To categorize
specific cells in a computer’s main memory, each cell is allocated a uncommon “name,”
is called address In computer’s main memory is ordered as specific, addressable
cells, the cells can be retrieved independently as needed. To show the capability
to access cells in any direction, a computer’s main memory its known   random access memory (RAM) due to the decreasing limitation
of store data in computer and volatility of data . mostly in computers have
additional memory device its known mass storage a spining disk is magnetic
coated.it is used to read and write data . its known as magnetic disk Another
class of mass storage systems applies optical technology. An example isthe
compact disk (CD). Information is recorded on them by creating variations in
their reflective surfaces. This information can then be retrieved by means of a
laser beam thatdetects irregularities on the reflective surface of the CD as it
spins. data store in
the form of group as large unit. it is called filethis code not only detect the
mistake but also correct the mistake. its known as error correcting codethe
code which does is encoded to audios and videos. this code is called MPEG images
normally encode in gif how data can be encoded as bit patterns. Our study
focuses on popular methods for encoding text, numerical data, images, and
sound. Each of these systems has repercussions that are often visible to a
typical computer user

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in the form of text is normally represented by means of a code inwhich each of
the different symbols in the text (such as the letters of the alphabet and
punctuation marks) is assigned a unique bit pattern. The text is then represented
as a long string of bits in which the successive patterns represent thesuccessive
symbols in the original text.

information in terms of encoded characters is inefficient when the information
being recorded is purely numeric. To see why, consider the problem ofstoring
the value 25. If we insist on storing it as encoded symbols in ASCII usingone
byte per symbol, we need a total of 16 bits. Moreover, the largest numberwe
could store using 16 bits is 99. However, as we will shortly see, by usingbinary

means of representing an image is to interpret the image as a collection of dotThe
appearanceof each pixel is then encoded and the entire image is represented as
a collectionof these encoded pixels. Such a collection is called a bit map