A life. The world does not stipulate what we

A hoax is a lie, a joke, a deception, which isolates audience from truth to false. Truth is insipid but necessary. On the other hand, lie owns a stronger emotion. These make the process of turning a lie into a truth dramatic, and it is what people seek for in their ordinary life. The demand for hoaxes is like breaking shackles that locked our thoughts, grasping the instantly splashed sparks to ignite our life.  The world does not stipulate what we should do, but limits what we can do. Once we stride over the fence, we will be punished. Unspoken rules control society; each group has the similar code of conduct, even so, all new arrivals or long-established elders must abide by these rules, or else non-compliant will be excluded. All these rules put pressure on people, especially those who eager freedom, itching to break the routine for more intense desire. The hoax is a manifestation of ‘freedom’, after all freedom is an essential will for the human. People have a certain impulse to break this bondage for freedom. To express this desire, they implement hoaxes, in this way they gain joy from freedom of imagination. The hoax is similar to magic, bringing psychological stimulation for the audience by translating an elaborate ruse into a fragile truth. People go into a theatre to accept hoaxes the magician provide. And magician himself can also get satisfaction. When world is faced with mediocrity, some intelligent man tried to create excitement with humour. “manifested the power he believed a rational mind could wield over reality”(Hoaxes of Edgar Allan Poe, the Museum of Hoaxes)  A hoax can cheat public with an obscure event that people once guessed but too over technological to reach. Till now people continue talking with interest about aliens from outer space or unknown creature on earth. A con man can tell a story to make people believe easily because the truth is