A its setting. Ultimately, Hosseini touches upon many major

A Thousand Splendid Suns is a historical fiction novel that includes many themes still relevant to today’s society. The central theme of the novel is oppression; specifically towards women in Afghanistan. The story portrays the inner strength of the two female protagonists, Mariam and Laila, who endure the pain of the hardships in their household and society. Another major theme in the novel is hope. Despite the character’s suffering, they remained hopeful in their situation. In the end, their hopes would always crumble, however, they still chose to remain optimistic throughout each hardship by consistently having faith in God. The novel consists of many tragic moments, making the overall mood and tone of the book extremely devastating. It makes the reader feel miserable and hopeless as time after time, a tragedy occurs. At times, the mood and tone changes and became a bit uplifting, giving the reader some hope, before returning to its depressing state. This atmosphere is established by the author’s sympathetic and disguised writing style. Hosseini, the author, expressed his emotions by mainly using symbolism and imagery. An example of this is on page 53, “His nails were yellow-brown, like the inside of a rotting apple, some of the tips were curling, lifting. Mariam’s hand shook when she tried to slip the band onto his finger, and Rasheed had to help her. Her own band was a little tight, but Rasheed had no trouble forcing it over her knuckles.” This passage best represents Hosseini’s writing style as it includes a powerful description making it easy for the reader to visualize, and includes the symbolism of what their marriage will look like in the future. Additionally, Hosseini’s word choice also influences the reader’s understanding of the story. In fact, Hosseini uses terms such as “harami” from the language and the origin of the story, impacting the reader’s understanding of the story and its setting. Ultimately, Hosseini touches upon many major themes that are illustrated through his unique writing style, influencing the overall mood of the novel as well as the reader’s understanding.