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A Chemist is someone skilled in chemical study and experiments. To become a Chemist, a certain level of education is required. A Highschool Diploma and College Degree(Bachelor’s Degree) is required for this specific career. Optionally, a Master’s or PhD Degree can depthen knowledge which can possibly increase pay and number of applicable businesses. Many math classes are required to be taken in order to be a Chemist. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus III, Physics (engineering), and Chemistry (general, organic, inorganic, physical, bio, analytical,  etc.) In this career, Algebra is used to be able to graph data points, Geometry is required to understand bonding, molecular models, and crystal structures, Trigonometry is needed for similar reasons of Geometry and it is essential for completing Physics. Calculus III is needed since there is a lot of Calculus in the future of a Chemist. Physics is used since it and chemistry are basically inseparable. If you major in chemistry, you’ll take college physics. If you major in physics, you’d take chemistry.  Finally, Chemistry is used to increase knowledge as a future Chemist.  Specifically, Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, and Calculus are used the most in the career. Other classes/tests include: Probability, Statistics, and Computer Science. On a typical day of this career, you’d carry out lab work to develop/improve new/old products. This includes developing formations in the lab, testing materials made from a quality and performance point of view, then reporting the results. It may also include discussing with customers to determine what they require from a product and liaising with suppliers to determine if the products they offer is suitable for a given product. Some colleges that offer programs for this career are: UC Berkeley College of Chemistry, Harvard University, and California Institute of Technology . The expected salary ranges by what degree the person has. On average, a new Chemist will earn about $50,000 annually. Pay does rise when more knowledge is learned or if studies are continued further (higher degree). The employment outlook is 7%. Fewer people are being hired since the Chemist unemployment rate is steadily rising. Careers are available for professionals and they have higher pay mostly. For this career, I believe there are many personality traits needed. First of all, intelligence and good judgement is needed. Doing any type of experimentation in a lab without caution and safety could potentially cause injuries, death, or job loss. Secondly, perseverance and enjoyment is needed in my opinion. Perseverance means to not ever give up so if one experiment doesn’t turn out well, try harder! Without enjoyment, how is working fun? I believe that if someone has a career, it’s best if it’s one they enjoy doing.  Lastly, concentration and attentiveness to detail is extremely important. Without concentration, mistakes can be made throughout an experiment. Having attentiveness to detail is required to help everything go right and not create any bad outcomes/disasters.