A have a gap year. One of the major

A gap year is where a student gets a year off before entering university
to experience life in a strange new place. Why do you choose to take a gap
year? Perhaps to gain work experience, or to become more mature. No matter
what the purpose is, this is an individual decision, although it has both pros
and cons. In my view, this is a good idea.

For supporting the idea of gap year, here I would like to mention some
advantages. First of all, travelling around the world for a year can de nitely
broaden your horizons. The things that you see, the people you meet and
the experiences you have during the journey can teach you something that
you won’t learn in the lessons. Contributing to this idea is that you may gain
working experience in different fields. It is because when you need money
to pay rent, buy clothes or visit some special places, you will need to take a
stop and nd a job. The experiences you have gained will help you to build
up your own career in the future. One main bene t we can’t ignore is that you
will nd some potential that you have never discovered before. You may nd
that you are talented in cooking when you need to prepare meals everyday.
Or you may be surprised that decorating a house as an interior designer is an
interesting job.

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However, there are also problems you should consider when deciding to
have a gap year. One of the major problems is money. Your parents may not
support you nancially. You have to face the problems such as paying your
own travel costs and hotel fee. Another factor is that leaving your study for
a year may have a great in uence on your life in many different areas. For
example, you have to accept the changes in the education system and the
foundation you built before.

The most important thing is that having a gap year may be a waste of
time and money. It is very arguable that by going out for a year you will learn
a lot of new things. A rebellious guy can only play all day when there’s no one
to stop him. It is unacceptable to spend a lot of time and money to have fun in
the gap year. On the other hand, living in a new, strange country for a certain
period of time may make one feel lonely.