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A big conflict in today’s world is if college is really worth the cost. Some people prefer vocational school over college either because they don’t want to go to college for four years, or they cannot afford college. Some students are do not have a choice between college and vocational school from their parents. Some students do not have a choice because they know their self or parents could neither pay for college. College is worth the cost because the job is more enjoyable,  there are more job opportunities, and the graduate can make more money with a college degree. With a college degree more companies will offer a job to the graduate, the graduate then can choose a job that applies to them the most. The graduate will most likely enjoy the job more because they got to choose where they work. A real- world job will include better benefits, like John Green, the graduate will no longer have to clean puke out of a bathroom. John Green is also surrounded by people who are interested in the same things as him, books, computers, and people who choose to be there. Some could argue that most people don’t really “want” to be at work, but with a degree you have the privilege to pick a job that sparks an interest to you. “When I graduated from college I actually made about one dollar less an hour when I started… but the job was better in every way” (Green). John Green can ignore the fact that he makes a little less with his degree because of how the job was filled with benefits in other ways. “You’ve made the decision to invest your time and money in a bachelor’s degree that will open countless doors for you” (“What’s” 25). A bachelor’s degree is a great thing for your future in the working world. A company is going to fire a high school degree before the fire the person with a bachelor’s degree. Rarely will an employer ever say “I just wish you didn’t have a college degree.” “Some companies have the reputation for hiring only those with graduate degrees” (“What’s” 25). Depending where you are looking for a job, the company could require a college degree for every job. This is not every company, but, if a company did have this policy, it would be much easier and convenient if the employee already had a degree. More and more companies are beginning to require a college degree. “People with at least a bachelor’s degree now make up about 36 percent of the workforce, the largest share on record” (“College”). High school students are starting to see how important a college degree is and how many opportunities the degree can open for them. The most common reason most students get a college degree is for the extra money it offers. “After graduating, you’ll face less competition in the job market and a substantial salary” (“What’s” 25″). While looking for a job, the graduates won’t have to compete to find a well-paying job because all the jobs will have a higher salary. The degree will be making more money, and will have the privilege to be able to pay off student loans faster. Some jobs do not require a college degree at an entry level job. If the worker decides to accept more responsibilities and get a better job in the company, the higher job may require a college degree. “John McLade- Manager of Aero Products, went to vocational school, got a job at that company, rose to the top, went back to college, now he makes over $10 million a year” (Stossel). Although, John McLade did not have a degree at first, the degree made his salary raise to millions. A college degree will open opportunities so each job will have a higher salary than a highschool degree would offer.


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