A children were lynched without mercy. Until they were

A gang formed by four boys and three girls, were standing watching closely, an old building, abandoned and very old. The pale light of the full moon gave the building a spooky, spooky air. One of the boys came closer to the door.Surely this place is haunted. Then he laughed.Everyone laughed, long ago they stopped believing in those old and absurd legends of witches, ghosts, werewolves, vampires …But one of the boys whose name was Mark did not laugh.This building may be truly haunted.That made them laugh more.Why? I ask a blonde girl smiling …Because this house has a history. A macabre story This building before, in the middle ages belonged to a castle, there the Holy Inquisition captured the heretics, and tortured them sadistically, they had no escape, the evil priests. They tortured them without mercy, and if they did not confess of their mistakes they were more tortured to death. A family of heretics feared that the priests would torture them. And indeed they captured them. The family formed by the mother, the father and three children asked for mercy. But the holy inquisition did not hear their prayers and ordered them to be taken to the torture room. They used different tortures. His arms and legs were stretched out to the father, until the bones were dislodged and detached. Has the mother tied her to a huge table. And they tickled the soles of his feet with all kinds of feathers. In the end the mother died of a fit of laughter, the two children were lynched without mercy. Until they were killed. The youngest of ten, watched with the utmost sadness and panic as his parents and brothers had died. Now it was his turn. This time a single priest arrived and told him evilly:Do not fear what yours will be faster, and with that said the man opened his mouth and his teeth were sharpened until they were like knives, his pallor increased, and it seemed to float in the air. The little boy cried in terror and tried to free himself. But the priest who had become a beast held the head of the child tightly. He felt the stinking breath, and how the teeth sank into his neck.The boy finished the story.”What a wicked story”: Said a brunette girl.Hey, wait: Another boy said. How do you know that story in detail?Because … I WAS THAT CHILD! And with that said he began to float, his skin turned pale, and his teeth sharpened. The terrified boys tried to flee. But the monster reached the boy with short hair and buried his fangs in the neck to kill him, he swallowed the blood with pleasure making him have more strength, the same did with the blonde girl and the others. The corpses with two perforations in the neck and completely bled were lying next to the building. While Mark laughed wickedly. His diabolical shadow was reflected in the light of the full moon. If people found the dead kids in that state, next to the building and knew the story. Vampires would stop being a legend.