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A natural disaster that messes up the environment would be solar flares. Solar flares are large amounts of solar radiation released by the sun. It occurs when magnetic energy built up in the solar atmosphere suddenly releases. Solar flares don’t do direct damage to us living organisms, but they produce high energy radiated particles that get into the environment and harm living organisms. They also harm electronics such as communications and radio systems. These solar flares also heat up the Earth’s atmosphere, causing it to expand. They can alter the upper atmosphere creating problems with signal transmissions. This would cause problems for from something as small as a GPS to something as big as a satellite in space. They can also blow out transformers in power grids. If our planet got hit by a giant solar storm we would lose most of our technology would be destroyed. If that happened our entire planet could go pitch black.Solar flares can change human beings behavior patterns, perspectives, moods, and emotions. The solar flare in 2003 had large effects on humans. It was powerful enough that air-craft controllers had to re-route their aircraft and also caused a huge power outage that took out all of Sweden’s power for about an hour. It disrupted the United States defense operations. Astronauts had to find a lot of cover to protect themselves from the radiation that the solar flare emitted. This solar flare destroyed the Japanese “ADEOS-II”. Which was only released the year before. I do not believe that there really is a way to prepare for a solar flare. Since the flare is a big explosion caused by magnetic energy there is no way anyone can stop it. We can’t stop it and it doesn’t seem like there is any way to protect against it. There isn’t much we can do but we can do a few things. One thing we can do is buy an extra generator and fuel. So if the power goes out we will have a reliable backup. We can also get a backup for our computers. Also we can prepare for food by keeping some emergency supplies. Such as have a box with items like food and flashlights, heating fuel and first-aid, and a radio. You could get a surge protector which would stop your house from having a power surge. People could also unplug all of their electronics to make sure that they don’t get fried by the surge or damage that solar flares do to electronics. If you want to shield some of your items you can put them in a solid metal box. I do not believe there is any specific way to recover from a solar flare. The only way to really recover is to start rebuilding our technology. Once a solar flare hits, if you haven’t protected the things you want to keep then you’re going to lose it. After everything is destroyed you can’t get it back. Unless you make or get a new one.