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A whistleblower is known as an individual who chooses to disclose any
information that the individual believes can be used as evidence of wrongdoings
such as illegality, mismanagement, danger to public health and safety and other
various wrongdoings (GAP, 2017). A person who is whistleblowing makes an attempt to issue warnings to the
public about some of the serious wrongdoings or potential dangers that are
within an organization. If a whistleblower experiences or is threatened with any
unfavorable administrative decision following reporting or questing any
wrongdoings, then the individual experiences what is known as retaliation which
in most workplaces, is prohibited by law. While whistleblowers are protected
from retaliation by law, laws in the United States will vary among industries.
For example, under the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002, whistleblowers are protected
when working in corporations traded on the New York Stock Exchange (GAP, 2017).

A whistleblower can lead to a breakdown of trust within a
company leading to tension within the company. Often, companies will prefer for
employees to use an internal communication system when they have problems
within the company in regards to activities they are uncomfortable with. Outside
of breakdown of trust, a whistleblower may encounter hostility among his or her
peers. While those who work for organizations may continue to proceed in their
careers in the same organization in which they work, they may face surroundings
that are awkward. Although there is legal protection, they could still experience
backlash which could create a hostile working environment. If an individual is
publically known as a whistleblower, trying to get a job in same industry may
be challenging. Organizations can often experience turmoil from a whistleblower
such as financial crisis such as lost profit and decrease in stock value. Overall, it does justify the means for a
whistleblower within organizations. It is justifiable in matters that increase
and promote overall safety or when there is a change in misconduct.

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