A acceleration.Support for images of VMDK and VHD hard

A program for virtualization and virtual machine creation. It creates virtual machines with hardware parameters of a real computer on which virtually any operating system is launched. This emulator supports dynamic translation for the execution of most of the instructions. The installed operating system is produced on real hardware.Virtual Box can install Windows, GNU / Linux, BSD, Solaris and other operating systems. This virtual machine is distinguished by its other high performance and stability of the system. Has a modular architecture with well-described components and convenient interface with access to virtual machines that allow you to monitor all systems through the GUI, both through the console and remotely.It supports SMP on the side of operating systems, VBDs and VCDs for hard disk images, virtualization of audio devices (AC97, SoundBlaster 16), Shared Folders for file sharing between host and operating systems, desktop integration and other useful components. The program is completely free with open source community support.Features of the program:Support for SMP on the operating system side.Support for hardware 3D acceleration.Support for images of VMDK and VHD hard disks.Support for virtualization of audio devices (AC97, SoundBlaster 16).Support for all types of network interaction (NAT, Host Networking via Bridged, Internal).Supports snapshots of the saved virtual machine states that can be rolled back from any state of the operating system.Support for Shared Folders for file sharing between host and guest systems.Support for the integration of desktops (seamless mode) host and guest OS.Cross-platform.Support from the Open Source community.It can act as an RDP server and be managed by any client that supports the RDP protocol. The USB over RDP function is also supported.The iSCSI initiator component allows the use of external devices via iSCSI as virtual disks in the guest system without additional support from the guest OS.