is a small IT Institute where they want to have 5 departments. The departments
are: – Reception, Accounts, Managers room, Staff members, General lab.  For the Reception there are 2 pc, Accounts
department there are 2 pc, Managers room there are 1 pc and a scanner, for the
staff members there are 5 pc and in the General lab there are 10 pc’s. 1
printer and 1 Scanner is for the each department. Server pc is connected to the
main switch.





Needed Things

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1.     20 Pc’s

2.     1 Server Pc

3.     6 Switches

4.     1 Router

5.     5 Printer

6.     5 Scanners                                                                                         


To Create the LAN Steps by

1.     First we have to decide the topology which is going to
use and in this local area network I am going to configure the network through
the star topology. Because it’s easy to connect and remove nodes or

2.     After that the all the pc’s are connected to the switches
through Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Ethernet cable.

3.     All the switches are connected to the main switch and
main switch is connected to the router and server.

4.     1 Scanner and 1 Printer is for each department is
connected to their switches

5.     And the network is setup by Peer-To-Peer setup where
every computer act as both the client and the server. And each computer can
communicate directly with the other computers.


Reasons to choose the Star
Topology / Advantages

·       If Failure of one node it doesn’t
affect the whole network. At the same time it’s easy to detect the failure and
troubleshoot it.

·       As compared to Bus topology it gives
far much better performance and signals don’t necessarily get transmitted to
all the workstations. A sent signal reaches the intended destination after
passing through no more than 3-4 devices and 2-3 links. Centralized
management. It helps in monitoring the network.