Once again the disagreement between Hermia
and her father Egeus has come to the attention of the residents of Athens.
The disagreement is leaving Hermia and Lysander to make the most important
decisions of their lives. Eloping from Athens for the sake of their love, or
facing reality, as they are not granted permission to be together.

The residents of Athens were truly left shocked, as they discovered the missing
love struck couple, Hermia, a close friend and sister to Helena and, Lysander.
Soon after the disappearance of Lysander and Hermia, it was announced Helena
and Demetrius were also nowhere to be found.

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In an interview with the miffled and
bothered Egeus, a eyewitness, states that he and Demetrius had instigated the
disagreement. He wishes for his daughter to wed Demetrius. However, she has
fallen head-over-heels in love with Lysander. He had taken the issue to the Duke
of Athens, Theseus. Theseus agitated with the issue declared “Either to die
the death, or to abjure forever the society of men.”

Lysander, when hearing about this, conspired a plan for him and Hermia to
remain together forever. Lysander was quoted saying, “Steal forth thy
father’s house tomorrow night; and in the wood, a league without the
There are many opinions regarding this
incident. A middle-aged woman was heard saying “How many young couples will
be torn apart?” The strict rules against love marriage are established since
time immemorial.  Hermia’s last words
to her father were “So will I grow, so live, so die, my lord, my soul consents
not to give sovereignty.”

The four young adults are still reported to be missing. Egeus and
Theseus request all to notify them with any information or whereabouts on
Lysander and Hermia. There will be major consequences for whomever attempts to
assist them in their horrible intentions.