This paper is to
represent a Traffic Accident Report and Analysis System (TARAS) through data
mining using Clustering technique. Detect the causes of accidents is the main aim
of this paper. The transport department of government of India produced the
dataset for the study contains traffic accident records of the year and look
into the performance of J48. The classification accuracy on the test result disclose
the three cases such as accident, vehicle and casualty. Genetic Algorithms is
used for the future selection to lower the measurements of the dataset. However,
it is not possible to find out very strict details for enhancing road
construction plans from this data. More detailed location specific information
from accident locations and situations are needed. with the help of this
Project, the analysis can be done and therefore preventive measures can be
taken. It can help the government to keep track of records of the accidents,
causes of accident, vehicle number, vehicle owner’s name and address. In this
work, we extended the research to three different cases such as Accident,
Casualty and Vehicle for finding the cause of accident and the severity of
accident. With the current data it is possible to recognize the risky road
segments and the road user groups responsible for accidents in certain
environments. This project will also help us to add news record and delete old
data .The viewer or user can also make their own account for viewing the site
.you can view the data about causality .Our system will provide the graphical
view of the accidents with respect to the data entered into the system
according to the period .This system will provide the solutions as accidents
causes. So that with the help of this system government can take the necessary
actions according accidents cases.

1) Accurate Location of

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2) GPS integration

3) Government ID
Authentication for user Data

4) Advanced Filter
technique Accident Solution prediction


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