Even though John and Lorraine from The Pigman by Paul Zindel, doesn’t seem like they have a lot in common surprisingly. Lorraine and John both come from dysfunctional and flawed families. For completely different reasons. Lorraine’s mother is very overprotective of her daughter. This over-protectiveness can be seen throughout the book. This protectiveness turns into abuse “When she raised her arm and slapped Lorraine once more across the face” (Pg.147) Even though her mother thinks that her actions are for the good of her daughter, but really she wants to control her daughter so she acts like her. While Johns family is not interactive with each other. His father, forgets about John most of the time, of course when he is interactive, he is very non-supportive of him.  For example, he doesn’t want John to pursue his dream of being an actor, after all, he does want him to take over his job. “Bore says, “”Don’t be a jackass.” after John tells him, “I’m thinking of becoming an actor” “(Pg. 58). Meanwhile, his mother is frightened of him ” “Don’t be silly,” his mother told him and laughed it off with just the slightest bit of discomfort… Actually, I think they’re a little frightened of it.” (Pg. 26) It is easy to say that John and Lorraine both see Mr. Pignati as not only a fatherly figure but a close friend. It was easy for both of them to become friends with Mr. Pignati because he is always offering them food and love, which satisfied their needs making them closer friends. “John says,  “I knew I’d kill Norton if he tried to hurt the old man” (Pg. 85), this shows that even though John doesn’t show much love to anyone, he really cares about him and is willing to do anything for him, the same with Lorraine “I felt tears rolling down my cheeks onto the pillow as I remembered the condition of Mr. Pignati’s house. Would he think we had forsaken him and deliberately ripped his wife’s clothes—viciously broken the pigs? I wanted to phone him and say, Mr. Pignati, we didn’t mean things to work out like that. We were just playing.”(Pg. 149), this suggests she felt bad and wanted to mend up their relationship. Even though they have different family problems,  John and Lorraine both look up to and care about Mr. Pignati.