Model View Development (MVC) is a software modeling
architecture proposed in 1980s as an
approach to GUI design that enabled multiple presentations of an object and
different styles of interaction with each of these presentations(Sommerville, 2011). This architecture allows for
detachment of the application state from the user interface to an application or in another word we can say the
presentation and interaction are separated from the system data. The system structure
is made of three separate logical components that interact with each other: the
view component which defines and manages
how data is presented to the user, the model that manages the system data and
its associated operations on that data and the third component is the
controller component which manages user interactions that are passed to the model and the view. With MVC
you can present data in different ways while being able to interact with each
of those presentations.  If data is
modified in of the presentation, the system model is changed and the controller
for each view will update their presentation. MVC application was developed for
was User interface related component. At first,
it was applied to make personal computing or desktop applications later became
more popular in the development of web applications. The introduction of django
and ruby made led to increase in the use
of MVC architecture usage.

MVC ability to separate software application into distinct
components provides the following advantages.

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Improved scalability where application component grows without interfering with each other. For example, you can upgrade the hardware running
the database without other components being affected. Other advantages include
ease of maintenance and high reusability.

Disadvantages of MVC are increasing the complexity of the solution by introducing new
levels of indirection. The event-driven nature of the user-interface code is
increased which increases the difficulty in
error in debugging. It is also hard to learn and understand how to use MVC


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