has changed many aspects of our lives including transportation, finance,
security, communication and especially healthcare. It is playing certain role
in every process, from patient registration, electronic medical report to
communication system and hospital big data.


any doubt, healthcare technology is vital to people’s wellness and contributive
to improve the quality of life. It is also benefiting women in various ways.

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Here are some predictions of how technology will affect women’s healthcare in
the next five years:


women to be more proactive


will continue to empower women to be more proactive in taking care of their
health. Wearable devices are no longer new concept anymore. It will keep
rapidly innovate to allow women to do virtual appointment with doctor when they
are too busy to make it to the hospital or clinic, get fit or even catch cancer


it easier to connect


will allow women to remotely access to medical professors that they do not have
to take leave to visit doctor on schedule for minor questions. Imagine how
convenient it is to get birth control prescription in just a few clicks.


sexual assault


to the statistics, 1 out of 6 American women has been the victim of attempted
or completed rape in her lifetime. Sexual assault is such a critical problem.

Thus, safety devices which can detect and send signal to family and friends
will continue to develop to help women. Better safe than sorry.