In chapter 7, Offred is once again recollecting back to the
life she had before being a Handmaid. She recalls her and Moira talking
together in their college dorm and speaks of how she misses the gossip. She
also recalls being very young and traveling to the park with her mom where they
witnessed the disposal of multiple porno magazines. There is a big gap in
Offred’s memories and she is unsure why this is, but she believes that it is
due to something the authorities have given her. She continues to recall things
about her past, including some vivid memories of Luke. Also, she recollects
waking up in an unknown place while she demanded to know where he daughter is. She
remembers the authorities telling her that her daughter was not well behaved so
she was placed with those alike. The authorities then show an image of her
daughter in a dress with an unpleasant face as she held the hand of an unknown
woman. As Offred is recollecting all these past instances she pretends that she
is telling the stores to someone listening because she is forbidden of
discussing them in general and or writing any of it down.