5 of us expected it to have an impact

5 Ideas for
Using Facebook Live – Contests, Drawings, & Giveaways

With the oncoming of the internet a little over two decades
ago, not many of us expected it to have an impact as profound as the one it
currently has. Truth be told I’m sure we’re yet to see the full extent of what
the internet has in store for us, but that’s a story for another day.

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We look here today at one of the industries that has spawned
from the internet…Social media. The idea of social media has a history as long
as the internet does, with it taking form way back in the early days as simple
message boards and bulletin boards. With the advent of Myspace, it was sure to
become a major force in the online world, and sure enough it has.


Facebook, with humble beginnings back in 2004 when it was
first launched, has grown on such a large scale to become one of the internet’s
most visited sites. With a user base of over 2 billon people, it is undoubtedly
at the forefront of the social media world.

That being said, for a site with such a large following and
online presence, how can one make use of it to up the ante on their business?
Let’s take a look.

Facebook as a

Facebook has provided a platform for individuals and
businesses alike to have an opportunity to gain a wider audience. It even as a
platform provides the ability and tools to further implement unique strategies
to entice new and existing clientele to their fold.

Some of the ways in which Facebook allows one to promote
their products or content include:

Banners and Advertisements

Creation of pages where users can gain
information on the company

The use of Facebook live as a means to actively
interact with your subscribers in real time.

This piece is going to take a look at some ways or ideas
with which one can utilize Facebook live as a means to promote your business,
products or content to a wider audience.

Facebook live

Facebook live is a feature introduced by Facebook which
allows you to stream new content directly to your subscribers or followers in
real-time. This allows for a higher level of interaction between you, the
company and the users who are your customers or potential customers. It has
undergone various transformation as many users have found more new and
innovative use for it. Below we take a look at some of the ways to utilize it:



Facebook live Contest

The name quite speaks for itself here. This
involves setting up a fun and enjoyable contest to excite your consumers into
continuing to keep up with your page so as to get the latest offers you may
have. Depending on how well you may execute a contest, you may end up generating
quite a lot of buzz not only around users subscribed to your page, but to a
wider audience after the contest becomes a great topic of discussion around
Facebook circles.


The various types of contests one can
choose to try include:

A post to win contest

Multiple choice quiz contest

A selfie contest

Among many others, try to pick
out a contest you feel best suits your target demographic.

Facebook live Draws

Although technically considered a part of
the contests, a draw is unique in its own way. Setting up a live draw can take
quite a bit of planning but in the end can create just as much noise for you as
you’d want.

It works quite simply this. After you’ve
given out the conditions and rules of the draw, you let your users have a
chance to react to it and do what is required to be eligible for the draw and
as the live stream continues, you pick a winner. This can be done manually or
through third party tools that select the winner(s) for you automatically that
have satisfied the conditions. The aspect of being announced as a winner in a
live draw appeals to many people, so it’s a great tool.


Facebook live Giveaways

This is a particularly useful and engaging
aspect of the Facebook live tool. Giveaways give you or a company the chance to
recognize and reward loyal followers and customers and reward them with
whatever merchandize you have listed as a prize.

Giveaways can be extremely useful in trying
to generate buzz about a new product by giving them away to the said customers
as a chance to let them get the first feel for it and gauging their reaction to
it. This helps measure the level of viability for the product and helps improve
on how to deliver the product when it finally goes to market.


The above three Facebook live applications it should be
noted, have a set of guidelines and regulations that need to be followed before
they can be used. This is important in order to cover whatever liability claims
may arise from such kind of activity.

Carrying on with more applications for Facebook live:


Live Event screening

Facebook live can be effectively used to
show live events pertaining to your company. This can be in regard to things

Unveiling new products

Trade shows

Seminars and industry news

Basically this involves live
streaming events related to the company of which the user has interest in
seeing. This can go a long way in helping the consumer gain more insight on the
workings of the company and helps them register more information on them.

Live Interaction sessions

This particular part highlights a wide
variety of things. Interacting with your customers or followers in real time is
a great mode of communication and lets the users feel important to the company,
as they rightfully and obviously are.


Here we can highlight things such as:

Live Q & A sessions.

Where you can have users comment questions and replying or answering them
orally via the live stream.

This can also act as a base for users to share more insights among their
selves and the company.

Live Interviews

This can be particularly interesting for your followers when you bring
around a respected figure related to your industry. It gives users a rare
opportunity to interact with them via your live feed.

Live Customer service

much speaks for itself. It is a great mode of interacting with users though as
they can also get more insight on how to better utilize and maintain your



Jay Baer is quoted saying, ‘social media allows big
companies to act small again,’ a sentiment that holds quite true. Interacting
on a platform such as Facebook live gets the company back down to the consumer
base and allows them to interact as freely and as expressive as they can. Tony
Zambito further iterates the importance of Social media tools by saying ‘Instead
of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to
enhance human interaction’…a quote that quite frankly hits the nail on the head
when it comes to describing what Facebook live is and can continue





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