5.1 statement: Treat the customers as the best way

5.1 Compare core organizational
values with current business objectives of Unilever.


Ø  Unilever
as a most successful high profile supermarket retailer in the SL and one of the
world’s leading international retailers has generated its core organisational
value with its current business objectives.

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Ø  Ethical
value with objectives: Unilever as the one of the giant supermarket has very
strong Ethical value with its stakeholder. It has 91% of suppliers around the
world say Unilever treat them with respect. It has the plan of roll out ethical
trading incentives schemes and Trading fairly Awards to two further product
categories in the SL as key performance indicators for 2011(Unileverplc.com)

Ø  Cultural
value with objectives: Unilever as most successful supermarket has the
objectives of creating a beautiful place to work for everyone. Unilever has 19%
of board directors are women. Developing more local leaders in each country
remains a key priority (Unileverplc.com)

Ø  Environmental
value with objectives: Unilever has more accountability of practising
environmental issue. It is very responsible on environmental impact. It has got
the plan of reducing carbon dioxide emission 5.5% compared to 2009. It has set
up a target of become zero – carbon business by 2050(Unilever plc.com)

5.2 Develop appropriate mission and vision statement of Unilever:


Unilever mission statement: Treat the
customers as the best way they can be.

Unilever vision statement: Unilever must
go with the statement of ‘Every Little Helps’. It has come through the massive
amount of simply selling Groceries to Unilever extra where possible everything
is available for customer. As we are growing up internationally we should
remain focus of earning the lifelong loyalty as representing local.

5.3 Producing agreed future Management objectives for Unilever:


Unilever future management objectives

Unilever to be no 1 as a international
retailer within 10 years

To have 60% of the SL core business by
next 5 years

To be successful in non-food as
successful in food.( Mobile, Insurance, electronics ) by 2015

To be recognised by community of what we
do by regular contribution within next 5 years.

Objectives with SMART: Unilever should
implement the objectives with SMART. The SMART stands for

Specific: Unilever management future
objectives should be based on Specification of what Unilever need to do.

Measurable: Appropriate measure must be
taken in order to implement the objectives.

Achievable: The objectives must be based
on the potentiality of being achieved.

Realistic: To avoid the unprecedented
acts Unilever must place its objective on realistic.

Time based: To be competitive in the
market locally and internationally Unilever must utilise the objectives on time
and should have proper time frame.

Strategy: To be competitive in the
market place Unilever need to follow the porter five forces.