The music and culture in Croatia is very diverse. There are a lot of different culture in Croatia. This makes their  Music very special. Some of the very old folk music from Croatia is connected to working living and the small are of Kvarner Bays sea and mountains. Croatia culture also relies heavily on their music. There are many different types of religions in Croatia including Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Christian, and Muslim. This is part of the reason that Croatia has so many different types of music. Croatia was founded in 1991 making it a very young country. However Croatia has been occupied by many different religions and people making it a very interesting area for music. Kvarner Bay had a some rare types of music. Including Glogotic singing. This music combines Gregorian and Croatian folk chants. This music can’t be heard live but it is recorded. The best way to listen to this music is to buy a CD at a church or CD shop. Croatia’s popular music and music festivals are based in Kvarner. The Crystal of Opatija’s Hotel Kvarner was the first venue for the Music Festival of Popular Melodies Opatija in 1958. There are many reasons that this venue was chosen. One them being the large amounts of tourism. Glagolitic Singing was one of the main music groups from around the 9th and 19th century. This singing is meant to accompany The Old Slavic Liturgy. Through oral traditions this music has been changed from its original form. The Glagolitic singing of today it simpler than a Gregorian chant. Glagolitic singing has grown from Christian tradition to western music then to Croatian Folk Singing. Croatia also uses instruments like the Sopile. This is a wind instrument that is related to the oboe. It is also similar to a European instrument called the shawn that has a double reed. Sopiles are normally played in pairs. One person plays the small one and another the large. As you can see Croatia has many musical tradition. Though it is a young country it still has many many very old musical pieces