Many forms of gender inequality are
consciously or unconsciously implemented in daily life. Some of these are
marginalization, subordination, negative labeling, hardness, and multiple load.

Marginalization is the process of
separating a group (gender) from a particular group. In this case, women are
often not given the rights unlike men because of the assumption that women have
neither strength nor ability. For example, in an organization, usually the
elected leader must be male and his secretary is female. Women are not given
the opportunity to disguise the position of the leader.

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Subordination is the assumption that
the existence of a gender is more important than the other gender. In this
case, the assumption is that men are more important than women. It is common
for the time being that men should learn as high as possible and become the backbone
of the family. Women should not learn as high as possible because it will end
up being subordinate husband. Women must depend on the whereabouts of men.

Negative labeling given to women,
generally, they are too emotional and women can’t make decisions. Women are
judged to be dependent on their husbands. This seems to have been tied to the
thinking of almost everyone, thus giving the impression not to delegate a
responsibility to women. It also makes women unable to enjoy the education or
work they want.

Not a few women have experienced
acts of violence of a spouse or family members. This often happens because
women are considered weak and submissive, while the most powerful is male. It
is often misinterpreted therefore that sometimes men vent their negatives to
women in the form of violence. Not a few cases of physical violence in the
household, sexual harassment, rape, genital mutilation, and prostitution are

The double burden here means that a gender must
do some work at once in excess. Most women who already have jobs should work
also for households. Women have to do domestic work alone while men also have
to do the housework because she is also involved in domestic affairs.