“What measure
get done” is mostly true across many areas of management – if you set people
targets, and reward them when they meet these targets.

It is also
true that is that it’s much easier to measure financial results than it is to
measure progress in other essential areas such as the use of the CPOE system of
the physician. Practical many companies currently is over-reliance on financial
measurement, especial it is easier to measure, and performance bonus of many
company is currently based on financial target or not. Taken together, this
means that organizations often focus their efforts on short term financial
results, at the same time that the underpinnings of their business wither away,

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As the
application of CPOE is not a financial measure, the physician may not be
motived to use this system either because it is not measured or it is not easy
to measure. This is where the idea of the “Balanced Business Scorecard” is
important – as a tool for improving the performance of a whole organization, a
large department or a small team. The Balanced Scorecard helps you measure and
improve performance in an integrated way.