Yes I do agree
that a code of ethics is an excellent guide line that can be used in an
organization.  A code of ethics can have
many great benefits for the employees and organization.  Guidelines if followed correctly will better
the leaders at the highest level to the frontline employees.  It builds great relations within the

employees work day to day with little supervision.  They have organizational responsibilities to
make the right decisions and must completely understand what expectations that
they have to meet while on duty.  With a
code of ethics to help guide them it will help boost their confidence in daily
decision making thus building more trust between leaders and subordinates.  For example, Starbucks’ employees carry a
pocket size handbook called the “Green Apron Book”, that helps employees
conduct themselves with “ways of being” in order to be successful (pg 118).  Employees must “be welcoming”, “be genuine”,
“be knowledgeable”, “be considerate”, and “be involved”.  These simple instructions are given in a way
that incorporates the company’s culture and Starbucks has been a multibillion
dollar company that has proven to be highly successful.

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With a code of
ethics to help guide employees behaviors and attitudes, it can help prevent
legal issues from occurring.  The
employees are the faces of the organization. 
When an employee commits a great mistake it effects the organization’s
reputation, not the employees.  When
WorldCom committed accounting fraud Scott Sullivan did get reprimanded, but it
was WorldCom’s name that received the negative public exposure.  Having a code of ethics can sometimes help
with the company’s charges by convincing courts that this type of behavior is
not endorsed by the organization therefore protecting the organization.

Code of ethics
thus far I believe provide advantages to an organization.  It helps benefits the company by providing a
healthy and positive culture.  Morale is
improved amongst employees which can lead to employee retention and increased