After acquiring H.S.C (Higher Secondary Certificate) in Pre-Engineering group, I got admission in Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunication). During my undergraduate studies, I came to know what wonders telecommunication has given us and what are the hidden secrets behind those wonders. During my four years study of bachelor’s degree, my interest in this field became stronger day by day. So I decided to do Masters in my chosen field.I am especially interested in data networks and wireless communication. Through courses and technical work, I have got enough exposure of these areas. I feel that I have enough motivation and aptitude to work further in these areas. During my undergraduate studies, I did research in the area of data networks. Now during my masters in Germany, I want to do research in these areas.I want to do masters in Germany, because I wish to study in depth and to do research in areas of my interest. Today in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) the main focus of research is to get secure communication without errors, and to get more bandwidth and speed at lower costs in all wireless and wired networks. This practice is done in order to make various applications (such as E-health, E-government and E-learning) of ICT more efficient. My strong motivation and desire towards developing my knowledge will definitely make achievement in above said goals.The reason for earning M.S (Communication and Media Engineering) from University of Applied Sciences Offenburg is that I want to get solid education and able guidance from well-known institution. In terms of my career, master’s degree will enable me to pursue my career in R&D (Research and Development). On completion of graduate studies, I will use my engineering and research skills for Ph.D. In terms of professional development, I will experience German culture, traditions and lifestyles, which will undoubtedly reduce my cultural barrier and enrich my cultural experiences. I will also actively participate in extracurricular and community service activities, since these activities will strengthen my interpersonal skills.