2.0 into closely related problems. 2.1 Theoretical Framework The

2.0 Introduction

This chapter
gives an insight into various studies conducted by outstanding researchers, as
well as explained terminologies with regards to the importance of artificial
intelligence, its applications and benefits to human life. The chapter also
gives a resume of the history and present status of the problem delineated by a
concise review of previous studies into closely related problems.

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2.1 Theoretical Framework

The theoretical foundations of
e-commerce are arguably anchored on the Kurzweil, model for artificial
intelligence, which suggests that a number of qualities must be met before it
can be judged to be beneficial to man 6. Artificial
intelligence has been on the radar of technology leaders for decades, and while
we don’t yet have autonomous machines helping us make complex decisions or
tasks, most organizations have reaped some benefit from Artificial intelligence
which to a good extent has been beneficial to mankind 7. Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind-
posits that artificial intelligence can be used in diverse fields in the world
today. The benefits and impacts of artificial intelligence on society were
further buttressed by Kurzweil 6.The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers
Exceed Human Intelligence. Artificial intelligence includes all those machines
that perform diverse tasks to make man’s world relatively easier. Artificial
intelligence has come a long way seeing that more sophisticated “intelligent
machines” are being produced on a daily basis 8.

Kurzweil, opined that were it not
for the advent of artificial intelligence, life would have been harder and less
interesting 6.

2.2 The Benefits and
Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Society

Artificial intelligence has been
used in a wide range of fields, including medical diagnosis, remote sensing,
computer sciences, scientific discovery and robot controls. Surprisingly, many
artificial intelligent applications are not seen as artificial intelligence. A
lot of artificial intelligence products have filtered into general applications
without been noticed. Brooks hear reports “that thousands of artificial
applications are deeply embedded in the fabric of every industry.” In the 21st
century, artificial intelligence technology became widely used in diverse
fields without being given adequate credit for this feat 8.

Below are the benefits of
artificial intelligence to mankind


Artificial intelligence has been
contributed immensely to the developed of medicine in the world. People are now
being treated with less pains and side effects, thanks to artificial
intelligence products like machines.


Artificial intelligence has
greatly improved our security system in Nigeria. Artificial intelligence has
greatly helped in improving the security of lives and properties with little or
negligible effort. More weapons are now being manufactured with the help of
artificial intelligence and this has helped in maintaining relative peace in
the world.


Research and technology has
greatly improved thanks to artificial intelligence. The importance of
artificial intelligence in research and technology cannot be over emphasized,
with the help of artificial intelligence, more researches are being carried out
and little or no time is spent.


The world of engineering owes a
whole lot to artificial intelligence. Latest engineering exhibitions wouldn’t
have been possible in the world today without artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence has transformed the
engineering sector immensely.

Generally to be able to increase
innovations, productivity and output, artificial intelligence has to be
employed in achieving this feat. Every economy that wants to expand must not do
without artificial intelligence.

2.2.5 Act as Aids 

They can act
as 24/7 aids to children with disabilities or the elderly, they could even act
as a source for learning and teaching. They could even be part of security
alerting you to possible fires that you are in threat of, or fending off crime.

2.2.6 Jobs

Depending on
the level and type of intelligence these machines receive in the future, it
will obviously have an effect on the type of work they can do, and how well
they can do it (they can become more efficient). As the level of AI increases
so will their competency to deal with difficult, complex even dangerous tasks
that are currently done by humans, a form of applied artificial intelligence.