Annabel Hunter

50 Canberra Drive, Ashgrove. 4060 | 0439750423 | [email protected]

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To whom it may concern,

As a dedicated and motivated student with strong
communication skills and work ethic, I would like to express my interest regarding
a casual position with your company.


During my time at Mt St Michaels College, my
extensive involvement with the school community has given me the chance to
develop strong social skills. My participation in various events, such as drama
performances and presentations of the arts, has provided me with the
opportunity to work closely with my classmates while contributing to the school
community in its entirety.


Through these experiences, I have developed organisational
and time management skillls, which I understand as being of great importance
when pursuing work in casual employment while continuing my studies.


Some personal values that I believe make me a
suitable candidate for this position include:


Customer Service and Interaction: Participating
in community events and helping with product sales has allowed me to develop
strong customer interaction skills.

Motivation: Strong work ethic, both in school
work and in extra-curricular activities, has been developed during my time at
Mt St Michaels.

Communication: Performing in drama
presentations and my role as a class captain has enabled me to cultivate strong
communication skills which allow me to interact well with peers.

I have been praised by peers and teachers for
consistent participation and my dedication to helping out whenever possible. I very
much enjoy working with and interacting with people and I am confident that my
skills in teamwork and communication will allow me to meet the expectations of
this position.

Of course, you are sure to receive a large
number of applications for this position, but an opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities
to you in person would be greatly appreciated.

Attached is a copy of my resume for you to
consider. I am always contactable on the details provided.


Thank you very much for your time and



Annabel Hunter