11) younger than her. The Tea CakeMary DunmoyeMr. Ramel12/27/17Period

11)  I feel as though Tea cake will give Janie her pear tree since the pear symbolizes affection in most places we can only assume a full tree of it symbolizes Janie’s need for a loving companion. Someone to let her be herself and someone to love her even when she doesn’t love herself, Tea Cake might be the one to give this to her because we know that he loves her and isn’t afraid to show it. We also know that Janie is older than Tea Cake, at the end of chapter 11 it says, ” Don’t git mad, Tea Cake, Ah just didn’t want you doin’ nothin’ outa politeness. If dere’s somebody else you’d ruther take, its all right wid me.” This represents Janie’s anxiety, she feels like Tea Cake is cheating on her with someone younger since she’s older than Tea Cake. “Well, all right, Tea Cake, Ah wants tuh go wid you real bad, but,—oh, Tea Cake, don’t make no false pretense wid me!” She feels like Tea Cake is just toying with her and her feelings. Janie most likely feels this way because Tea Cake can go out with whoever he wants since he’s still young, Tea Cake sensing she feels this way reassures her by saying, “Janie, Ah hope God may kill me, if Ah’m lyin’. Nobody else on earth kin hold uh candle tuh you, baby. You got de keys to de kingdom.” Tea Cake in his own way tells Janie that he loves her and mentions how no one can ever replace her in his heart. In this chapter Tea Cake also shows that he loves her by his actions like when Janie thinks that Tea Cake is only showing feeling for her because what they are eating good Fish and Cornbread, she believes that by tomorrow he would’ve already moved on to someone much younger than her. The Tea CakeMary DunmoyeMr. Ramel12/27/17Period 3shows up the next day during the morning time so Janie can know his daytime thought to prove that he loves her. Tea Cake also disappeared for a couple of days but near the end of the chapter we find out that Tea Cake has been working so he could purchase a car to take Janie out top buy groceries’ for the School picnic he’s going to take her to on Sunday.12) Janie’s saying,”Ah ain’t no grievin’ so why do ah hafta mourn?” its significance is that people expect her to still be sad over the death of her husband which she’s not so she’s confused on why she still has to be sad over him. There are 2 main conflicts brought up in this chapter was that people don’t approve of Janie and Tea Cake’s relationship so they are gossiping over it and People think Tea Cake is only after Janie for her money and property. Conflict 1 is most likely caused because some people say that Janie can do better than Tea Cake and some are just skeptical that Tea Cake actually likes her since she is older than Tea Cake. Conflict 2 is caused by the fact that Tea Cake is a young boy and Janie is an Old woman so people just assume that Tea Cake wants her for her money and property but Janie defends it by saying that once she sells her store she and Tea Cake are moving to another location proving that Tea Cake genuinely loves her and doesn’t just want her for her money, they also brought this up because it happened to someone named Ahnie Tyler.13) It does not work for me because in the text it sounds like the alligator represents her anxiety, it seems like the alligator is there waiting to eat her up and swallow her into a belly full of all herMary DunmoyeMr. Ramel12/27/17Period 3worrying and discomforts. It can also represent that she feels vulnerable and scared so her mind is making the room look intimidating to her because she is feeling this way.14) The community is like Eatonville because everyone knows each other and are nice to each other. They also gossip about one another and seem to care for one another. Everyone knows everyone and are always trying to give each other unwanted advice.15) Tea Cake was ashamed because Janie caught him wrestling with another woman, Janie got angry and hurt and hit him because she thought she was cheating on her.  16)  Hurston’s dialogue change in this chapter seems to be full of racism. This chapter seems to be full of racist slurs about black people, and how black people haven’t done anything but hold us back. The text also mentions that she’s light-skinned meaning that she was born from a white and black parent, it also mentions that her least favorite topic was Negros, and this is weird since she is half Black but also white but Ms. Turner seems to hate every aspect of black people. She loves everything containing white people so much that she even supports white people suppressing black people. The dialogue in this chapter consists of racist slurs and Ms. Turner just trash talking her own race, I believe that people should be proud of who they are even if they’re race is being hated on.17) I feel like Hurston hide Janie’s voice because in the chapter we hear the Janie just takes the beatings and doesn’t say anything about it, so since she doesn’t say anything about the abuse itMary DunmoyeMr. Ramel12/27/17Period 3makes sense for the author to not add her voice since she doesn’t use it to defend herself from Tea Cake. We should respond18) “Six eyes were watching God.” This line significance was to let us to understand that they were questioning God on what to do. Because they knew a hurricane was coming but didn’t leave because the “white people” haven’t left yet and since they haven’t left then this storm must not be dangerous but they were proven wrong when the white people still stayed but the storm got worst putting a lot of the African Americans in danger because a lot of them usually listen and follow what the white people do and since none of them left they all assumed that the storm was something they shouldn’t worry about. The title has many debatable meanings but to me the title means that they weren’t watching to see what the future brought anymore but to see what God was going to greet them with during and after the storm.19) Hurston shows that people were being buried differently because of their skin color, which isn’t really fair. Just because a person was white they had the luxury of being buried in a coffin but since you were born with colored skinned you were buried in a huge pit with no chance to be buried with pride or dignity but instead you are buried with other people your race with no space. She also shows that they had to search through the dead bodies to separate the whites from the blacks, even in death there was still segregation.Mary DunmoyeMr. Ramel12/27/17Period 320) The tone of the last paragraph was peaceful, she was thinking back on everything that happened to her in the past week and grief filled her heart. Then Tea Cake’s spirit appeared to her wearing the sun, seeing he brought peace to Janie and all the sad memories were filled with happy ones. I think the novel ended perfectly, and the ending paragraph brings up the message that a person isn’t really dead, they still live on in your heart and in your mind Tea Cake came back to show her that. Tea Cake isn’t dead until she herself was dead because she was filled with love and sweet memories of him and when she dies all knowledge, love, and memories of him with truly be gone because they are within her and no one can ever take that from her.  


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