1000W for several decades ‘lumen’ was a unit which

1000W Metal Halide

Metal Halide lamp produces light by an electric arc through a
gaseous mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides. It is a type of High
Intensity Discharge (HID) gas discharge lamp. Metal-halide lamps have high
luminous efficacy of around 75-100 lumens per watt, which is about twice that
of mercury vapor lights and three to five times that of incandescent lights and
produce an intense white light.

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One thing that you must keep in your minds is that for
several decades ‘lumen’ was a unit which is used to indicate how brighter the
bulb is. This unit represents the brightness level of traditional incandescent
and fluorescent bulbs. LED lights don’t use this concept.  LED lights use watts as a unit to measure its
brightness level. Now, companies of these traditional bulbs have started using
watt as brightness unit to resolve an issue of the level of brightness. To know
the power of normal incandescent bulb and the equivalent LED bulb you must know
that 8-12 watt LED is equal to 800 lumens bulb.


Led lights have many attractive
features but here are some advantages and best features of LED lights are
mentioned below. Metal halide lamp has an operating life of 6000-15000 hours.
It is one of the most efficient sources of high CRI (Color Rendering Index)
white light.

1000 W Metal halide lumen are energy efficient and come with a better life as
compared to halogen lamps which are of high energy cost and have shorter life.
Many retailers and commercial operations are starting to see the advantages of using these bulbs as they need affordable lighting
alternatives that keep their spaces lit without breaking the budget. These 1000
W Metal halide lumen are used because they are reliable. These led lights
have longer lives nearly 6-8 years. These are safer to use. These are free of
electric shocks. 1000 W Metal halide lumen are energy efficient as they
require only 30-40 watts to light up.LED lights are less prone to replacements
again and again as compared to incandescent bulbs. 1000 W Metal halide lumen
are light weight can be used anywhere in indoor and outdoor lighting. These
lights are environment friendly because it doesn’t contain any harmful gas in
it. These are economical lights because you don’t need to spend much
money to buy tape lights. It is available easily you can get these light at
online web portals or ecommerce LED websites.

The color quality of 1000 W Metal halide lumen is
excellent from the start as compared to other light fixtures.


1000W Metal halide lumens are used for general lighting purposes both indoors
and outdoors. They are used for large area overhead lighting of commercial,
industrial and public spaces as well such as parking lots, sports arenas,
factories and retail stores. They are used in residential security lighting and
automotive head lamps (xenon headlights) as well.

Metal Halide lamps have an extensive use in photographic lighting and stage
lighting fixtures especially intelligent lighting.

Metal Halide lamps have widespread use in reef aquarists because of high
intensity which is much needed for their corals.