1,0 = 8 The VARK questionnaire indicated that I

1,0 Introduction  One of my key targets in the first semester was to move from being a dependent learner into an independent learner while self-reflecting to see my progress for now and the rest of the academic year.  In first semester I attended class and relied on materials that were presented by teachers in order to get my work done but now I can take responsibility for and have control over my own learning and studies, this is by: Motivating myself to learn throughout my studies  Reflecting on my learning progress Identifying my own development needs and set action plans Evaluating my progress towards my goal  Reflection on time keeping in first semester using Gibbs Reflective Cycle 1988  Description  During my first days of the course I was struggling with time management as I was unable to balance home and education. I would be late to most of my morning class.  Feelings  I was feeling miserable and unorganised as it was affecting my work load due to missing half of the lessons.  Analysis I reviewed my schedule so I can understand what was making me late.  Conclusion  If I had just planned and organized my journey the day before I would have been on time to all my lessons.  Action plan Wake up 1 hour early Estimate arrival time Check news to avoid road traffic  Page Break2.0 Personal learning Styles   In first semester I did VARK questionnaire, Honey and Mumford’s learning style tests and the Myers and Briggs type indicator questionnaire (MBTI) which helped me to identify my preferred learning styles and my results helped to adopt to the most effective way of learning and studying. VARK: V – Visual learning style A – Aural learning style  R- Read/Write learning style  K – Kinaesthetic learning style  My scores on the VARK questionnaire were: Visual = 5, Aural = 2, Read/write = 4, Kinaesthetic = 8 The VARK questionnaire indicated that I am kinaesthetic learner. “I learn best through physical activity such as feeling, muscle movement, and weight”.  MBTI – The Myers and Briggs type indicator  The Myers and Briggs type indicator is an introspective self-report questionnaire and my scores were Introversion, sensing, feeling and perceiving (ISFP). “I am gentle, quietly, caring, compassionate, adaptable, helpful”.  Honey and Mumford’s Learning Styles    Honey and Mumford’s learning style questionnaire indicated that I am an Activists, I learn by doing things. “Activists involves themselves fully and without bias in new experiences. They are openminded, not sceptical, and this tends to make them enthusiastic about anything new, they tend to act first and consider the consequences afterwards” (University of Leicester, 2017).  Identifying my learning styles from the questionnaires has helped me to adapt the best way I can study to make it more effective and efficient for academic and personal development  Learning styles for academic: It has reduced the stress and frustration of learning experiences  It has helped me to overcome limitations of poor instructions  It has given me the techniques to score better on my assignments  It has enable me to succeed in education Learning styles for personal: My self-confidence has increased  I understand and use my brain to my best ability  It has inspired me to greater curiosity and motivation for lifelong learning  I know how to take advantage of my skills and enjoy the learning process  Study Skills Identifying my learning styles has helped me understand and enhance my study skills, I can plan and organize for my assignments more effective and efficient. I am now able to:  Manage my work load  Reading and research using library plus Different learning strategies to get the best outcome Communicate effectively with tutors and learning support teams   Page Break2.1 Acquired knowledge and academic skills   Referencing I acquired knowledge in Harvard referencing so far in my first semester through an interactive tutorial and one on one sessions with the learning support teams and independent learning, this was done through listening, watching, note-taking, and memorizing teacher’s demonstration and through a series of interactive exercises in classrooms.   Page Break 3.0 Identify strengths and weakness from feedback  I have had one on one sessions with tutors and learning support teams in terms of my overall academic performance and the process has helped to me to identify my strengths and weakness through their feedback. I use the feedback to absorb and reflect on the things I did in my first semester, so that I can build on my strengths and weakness for my next semester.  Strengths (current)  Hardworking  Motivated  Goal Oriented Creative   Weakness (current)  Peer pressure  Writing essays Time management  Anxious Opportunities (current)  Commitment to further study  New opportunities  Graduation/Degree  Threats (current)  Not complete by deadline Fail assignment/ course Balancing work and home   Feedback from tutor on my professional discussion in semester one    Page Break4.0 Personal Development Plan My personal development plan covers short, medium, and long- term objectives, it will give me a guide that will optimize and capitalize on my existing skills and capabilities. A personal swot analysis has helped assess my strengths, weakness, opportunities and threat in the first semester and will further help me in my personal development towards completing my degree and career direction.  Development objectives  Priority  Action required to achieve objectives  Support or resources required to achieving objectives   Time Frame to achieve objectives? Education  Assignments Draft outline  Analysis the questions  Critical thinking Research information Write, edit and proofread  Review on my progress to see what I did wrong and how I can do better on the next one. 2 – 3 weeks  Get feedback from tutors    Book one on one sessions with the learning support team Practice on my free time   Ongoing through-out study 2017 – 2019 Time management skills  Time management skills  Delegate responsibilities Set deadlines  Prioritize work Procrastination Punctuality  Reflect on progress every week Ongoing throughout study  2017-2019  Interpersonal skills  Communication skills   Practice and improve my verbal communication skills  Learn to express myself better in group settings and large audiences   Be more involved in team activities    Reflect on progress every 2 months  Ongoing – for personal and professional growth    Short-term goal 1-2years  I would like to finish and graduate from my course with a 2.1, this will enable me to move further towards my career direction.  Medium- term goal 2-3 years  I want to pursue a more management or leadership role at a company where I can grow and take on new challenges over time until I feel that I’m ready to open my own business  Long-term goal 3-4 years  I’m aiming to be a business owner within the beauty and hair industry, I see myself as a business woman, I’m ambitious and I will get there by delivering outstanding results  Page Break 5.0 CV  Tanya Presley Kavu 66 Cottingley Approach, LS11 0HQ, LEEDS  [email protected] 07424257919, 01132713306  DOB – 18/08/1994   Personal Statement:  I am a well-mannered, articulate and conscientious person who is able to converse in a polite and courteous manner with excellent communication skills. I am able to deal with customer enquiries and build positive relationships with those around me.  I am committed to individual and team performance and I thrive on new challenges. I have a positive impact on all those around me, as I approach each task with enthusiasm and dedication. I am highly motivated and driven towards meeting and exceeding targets and delivering outstanding customer service. __________________________________________________________________________________ Key Skills Self-motivation Flexible and adaptable to any working environment Excellent efficiency skills Keen to learn new skills and knowledge __________________________________________________________________________________ Education and Qualifications:  Leeds City College University Centre 2017 – Currently Studying  Leadership and Management FD Leeds City College Parklane Campus 2010 – 2012 Travel and Tourism BTEC Diploma Level 2  ESOL Level 1 Joseph Priestley College 2008 – 2010 Beauty Therapist NVQ Level 1 and 2  Bruntcliffe High School GCSES 2006 – 2010 English Language English Literature  Maths  Geography  ICT __________________________________________________________________________________ Employment History  Care Assistant – Avanta Care 2014 –2015 Key Responsibilities: To assist the service users in personal care including washing, bathing, dressing and toilet needs. To report any accidents or unexplained injuries immediately to the nurse in charge. To assist the service users in rehabilitation activities under the guidance and supervision of the Home Manager and trained nursing staff. To assist in the cleaning of the home as the need arises, particularly dining areas after meals and to support infection control e.g. cleaning up spills immediately.  Warehouse Worker 2014  Key Responsibilities Prepares orders by processing requests and supply orders; pulling materials; packing boxes; placing orders in delivery area. Maintains inventory controls by collecting stock location orders and printing requests. Maintains quality service by following organization standards. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.  Sales Assistant, Ethel Austin 2009 Key Responsibilities: Worked as part of a team Dealt with customer enquiries Cash handling and operating a till Resolving customer complaints  __________________________________________________________________________________ Voluntary Experience   Home Care Support Worker (Voluntary) 2013 – 2015 Key Responsibilities: Helping out with feeding, bathing and dressing General cleaning duties Engaging in conversation to uplift his spirits Taking him out on day trips, i.e walks in the park and to the local supermarket   Volunteer support worker, Middleton community centre 2008  Key Responsibilities: Empowering individuals and assisting with day to day activities Providing practical help in areas such as reading, writing and drawing Creating and planning activities __________________________________________________________________ Interest: I have a passion for reading both fiction and non-fiction books. I enjoy going shopping and to the cinema with my daughter. I work voluntary during the summer holidays in my local communities to help with vulnerable elderly people. As a result, I have gained skills in being a good listener and a caring person.  __________________________________________________________________________________ References: References are available on request.   Page Break6.0 Conclusion   In conclusion, my personal development plan will enable me to keep a track of the steps I have made to acquire skills and knowledge on my development changes. In order for my action plan to be useful, I will be reviewing my personal development plan on a regular basis so that I can reflect on my personal development needs and the opportunity to assess my progress that I have achieved to date by comparing it with target goals.