1. world: Spotify uses words and concepts such as

1.     Visibility of System Status:

Throughout the user’s navigation to whatever destination, the current
song playing was displayed at the bottom with real-time time marker moving to
the right as the song progress.

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2.     Matching between the system and the
real world:

Spotify uses words and concepts such as
“History”, “Playlist”, “List” and “Queue, which are all words that are used and
are familiar with the real world, and they are words used in music listening
offline too. It also uses many icons and controls as many other music


3.     User control and freedom:

Any previous state that I was at currently
within the application could be easily accessed through two venues, the arrow
in the top left corner and current track that is playing or was playing that is
located in above the navigation.


Consistency and standards:
The radio and
browse capabilities are very similar, one for a random index around the artist
browse and one around the artist’s songs radio.


5.     Error prevention:

When turning the Wi-Fi off, no issues occurred
with connectivity. Accepting the song would suddenly stop, but no issue


6.     Recognition rather than recall:

Spotify holds information and artist that you previously listed, even
generating playlists around users’ mood or choices. The minimal effort being
placed on the user.


7.     Flexibility and efficiency of use:

The most notable moment in increasing the
“beloved songs” playlist is the ability to append full albums and artist to
playlists with multiple methods. Users can simply click to the right of their
current track and add the current song, artist, or album to such desired.


8.     Aesthetic and minimalist design:

Spotify’s interface is a little busy, compared to over music
applications. There is a solid flow of content in navigating, however, with the
number of options that are needed to give users a spontaneous radio experience,
this is probably the best way to organize all the options available.


9.     Help users recognize, diagnose and
recover from errors:

The only error that I could find, was using the free service of the
application, pop-up windows and adverts between songs, which was frustrating.


10.  Help and documentation:

Unfortunately, I could not find any help
service in this application. Users will have to go outside of the application
and use other rescues to find help and documentation.