1.?The increase, also cost of logistics will increased with

1.?The concept of logistic start almost 20 years ago, it is a part of supply
chain management. It is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling
procedures to reach customer needs and wants, by using efficient and effective
transportation and storage of goods including services, and related
information. It is important for both private companies and public
organizations or government. For private companies, they need make profit from
people and serve people. For public organizations or government like military,
they need good logistics get supply item (food, fuel, spare parts).  2.?On macro level, the more goods and services are product, the total
logistics costs will increase, also cost of logistics will increased with growth
in the economy. Good logistics can be advantage when companies competing. So
when the logistic cost going down, it can help U.S be competitive with other
country.       3.Form utility: through manufacturing process, companies may use more
than one materials to product finish good.Place utility: logistics management, moving product.Time utility: get ready whenever customer demand.Quantity utility: right quantityPossession utility: make effort through the basic marketing
activities related to the promotion and sale of products and services 4. Logistics is part of supply chain management. Logistics are more about
transportation from origin point to the destination. Supply chain management include
logistics, but more complex.               5. Business logistics:
both inbound and outbound, to reach customer demand. Military logistics: mixing all the aspect to support military, like
equipment, to make ensure military stability Event logistics: is about when an event occurs, organize the schedule of
people and facilities moving, and it can be remove quickly after event.Service logistics: to procure, scheduling and organize facilities to
serve people. like restaurant, Barbershop.  6. Logistics interfaces with manufacturing or
operations. Manufacturing should measure how many inventory left, and they can ask logistics for ship
the material. If the material that manufacturing asks too much, it will
increase the cost of stock holding. the length of the production run, impact of seasonal products, the inbound side of production and industrial packaging are the tradeoffs between the two areas.7. Because physical distribution decides whether the material can be shipped
with right time, right place, right product, right quantity, right quality and
right cost. The relationship becoming more important in marketing (price,
place, promotion, place)       8.1.    
Transportationbecause it is the largest variable logistics cost and it is the key to
connect each company.2.    
Storage             because it will have impacted by transportation. Also, it
related with warehousing and inventory management. Wrong storage decision making
will cause high holding cost or inventory out of stock3. Packagingpackaging is the way to protect product during the transportation, to prevent
product not broken.4.    
ForecastingReliable forecasting with how many
inventory left and need is very important.5.    
Facility location It will directly influence the transportation costs and service. If the
facility location is far from transportation origin point, the cost of
transportation will increase.  9. Because the logistics systems are really complex, and nodes and links
are the two easy way to control. Nodes and links will directly influence whole
logistics system. Nodes are more like storage and links are the transportation

10. There
are many characteristics will affect logistics costs, like product shape,   density. If the product is very big or heavy,
for sure, the costs will increase. Also if product like fruit, vegetable or
meat. They require cold storage, which will also increase logistics costs.

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