1. of the second industrial revolution. The construction of

How did the federal government actively promote industrial and agricultural
development in the late 1800s?

Industrial and agricultural development of the United States started in the
1800s. There was fewer production of goods and services because of less labour
force. But, later on the industrial and agricultural production increaed due to
the cvil war. The job opportunities increased and technology improved and so,
the total production increased and became faster since machines came into
place. This was a start to the industrial development. The Federal government
promoted the industrial development due to the vast competition in the fields
of development and inbetween countries for major prodction. The railway system
also played a big role in shaping this development, by transporting goods from
one place to another; helping with time consumption. Like I said, companies
expanded in the 1800s due to the resources and develpoment. Thus, the
widespread expansion of business and agriculture started. New tariffs were
implemented by the United States government inorder to help the country with
further development.

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Explain the role of railroads in the expansion of the United States and the
rise of the second industrial revolution.

played a major role in the expansion of the United States and towards the rise
of the second industrial revolution. The construction of railroads was not very
acceptable by the people in the starting but later on  people understood that it can make their life
eaiser. Many people were employed due to the construction of railroads. After
the civil war, the United States had money and other resources to reconstruct
the country for good. The railroads provided farmers, businessmen and other
craftsmen an opputunity to sell or make business with people from other parts
of the country and thus expansion started both in terms of money and capital.
The railway system helped the country by saving time and money all at once and
became the leading country in terms of compitetion, money and work power.
Overall, the railroads helped boost the industrial development and thus the
expansion of the United States.