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1.      Introduction:Ever since the dawn of human societies, we have seen the important role of laws and punishments in keeping social order. According to the laws, some criminals would receive a lifelong imprisonment or a monetary penalty in return for what they have done. Whereas others would be sentenced to death, also known as capital sentence, for their inhumane crimes. For decades, however, whether or not to abolish death penalty has remained to be a controversial topic whenever there is a case. This research paper, based on a secondary data, will explore into the pros and cons of capital sentence under several aspects.2.      Discussion of findings:2.1.   Definition:The definition for death penalty or capital sentence can be understood as, according to Kirk Bailey (cited in www.dummies.com, n.d.), the sentence of death imposed by courts as punishment for a crimes such as aggravated murder or felony murder. The history of death penalty dated back to the 18th century B.C. in Babylon when the first laws of death penalty were codified for 25 different types of crimes, however, murder was not included. Nowadays, though varied between countries, these are the that crimes would normally warrant death penalty: murder, rape, drug trafficking, treason, etc.(reference)Along with the development of humanity, the methods of execution are also altering. According to Richard Spencer (2010), there are 3 execution methods mostly used around the world: shooting (); lethal injection; hanging. Shooting is the most common methods; in this case, criminals are blindfolded and shot by one or a group of executors in the chest. The second most common methods is hanging, criminals would be hung by a rope until death (usually with a calculated fall). The third method, also the newest method, is the lethal injection. With this method, the criminals would be injected with poison into their body.2.2.   The Pros:2.2.1.      The Criminals:When talking about capital sentences, the first person that comes to people minds is the criminal. Though little do they know that those men/women in the prison, spending the rest of their life behind the bars or waiting for their death to come, are gaining benefits from this type of punishments. This is mainly because they realize how harsh the life in prison might be: the immediate loss of contacts with the outside world, the gradually growing uncertainty awareness of time, being treated even worse than animals, etc. Therefore, for some criminals, a death sentence seems like extrication for the suffering is over quickly.2.2.2.      The Families:Most advocates of the death penalty often argue that sentenced a brutal criminal with a capital punishment provides closure for the victims and their families. They are the people who directly suffered the crimes, and the pain they enduring can never be easily eased with just an imprisonment. Therefore, equal punishments should be given to the culprits and capital sentences could be the answer.Supporters of this punishment also claims that it could stop the revenge circle. Because there have been some records of cases in which the victim family members or lovers killed the culprit of their loved ones after they had been released from imprisonment. These unfortunate cases were due to the fact that they thought an imprisonment weren’t enough.