1) no support from your IT department. Data quality

1) A data warehouse could also be a centralized store of all data generated
by the departments of an outsize organization. It’s specially designed for data
analysis, generating reports, and for different ad-hoc queries. an data
warehouse extracts the large streams of data from a company’s operational and
external databases and turns them into substantive data, so business choices is
made supported this information. A goal common to any or all businesses is to
make higher business selections than their competitors. Once a knowledge
warehouse is enforced into your business intelligence plans, your company can
relish it in some ways in which.

call-making – company decision makers ought to not produce necessary business selections
supported restricted data and hunches. Data warehouses store credible facts and
statistics, and decision makers are able to retrieve that information from the
data warehouse supported their personal needs. In addition to making strategic
picks, a data warehouse might assist in promoting segmentation, inventory
management, financial management, and sales.

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Quick and
straightforward access to data – Speed may be a very important issue that sets
you on high of your competitors. Business users can quickly access data from
multiple sources from a data warehouse, which implies that precious time won’t
be wasted on retrieving data from multiple sources. This allows you to make
quick and proper picks, with little or no support from your IT department.

Data quality and consistency
– Since knowledge warehouses gather information from entirely completely
different sources and convert it into one and wide used format, departments
will prove results that are in line and per each other. Once data is
standardized, you will view as in its accuracy, and proper data is what makes
for strong business choices.

MasterCard can offer its analytics tool as “free service” for a trial
period, this could be a foot in the door policy. Once clients approves it, they
can generate revenue through perpetual licenses or pay per use policies. MasterCard
can bundle these tools along with other services offered, and generate a
constant revenue stream through the maintenance of such products. Later, focus
on offering new use cases and generate revenue through Fixed bid model projects.
MasterCard can show the clients, the value proposition that these advance
analytics tools bring in terms of cost savings and revenue maximization. This
can be helpful in justifying the total cost of ownership of such tools. These
tools are capable of performing advance analytics such as Predictive and
prescriptive analytics that can help the clients’ managers to deal with uncertainty
and take better informed decisions. Can make the organization data driven and
digital from being an experience based and hunch driven organization. Larger
clients can perform fraud analytics and have a better insight of huge data that
is present in the organization. Mine the data to extract meaningful insights.
Small clients can use BI to better understand their line of business and focus
on strategies accordingly.

Business intelligence analytics tools can use information and change over it to
noteworthy data that can profit organizations. Enterprises are inundated with
information about their clients, prospects, inner business forms, providers,
accomplices and competitors. Often, they can’t use this surge of information
and change over it to significant data for developing income, expanding benefit
and effectively working the business. Business knowledge (BI) devices are the
innovation that empowers representatives to change information into data that
will help their business.

In spite of the fact that BI apparatuses have
been around for quite a long time and many consider the business develop, the
BI showcase is lively, continually advancing and advancing to meet the
regularly extending requirements of organizations of all sizes and ventures.
Throughout the years, numerous BI instrument styles have risen to coordinate
the differed ways that businessmen need to break down data. A comprehension of
BI apparatus classes and styles is required keeping in mind the end goal to
coordinate your scientific needs with the fitting devices.

4) The extent of MasterCard’s paypass digital wallet being used as
a payment mechanism for payment purchases:

The MasterCard’s
paypass digital wallet allows the customers to make the transactions and it
also stores the data of these transactions. The customer can view the
transactions whenever necessary by using the mobile and all electronic device
apps. The customer can keep in this wallet safely their payment credentials
such as shipping address etc. It is one of the most used during the last one
year for online transactions. It is open to merchants, financial providers,
shopping website and all customers for all kind of transactions. By using this
single wallet a customer can do all kind of transactions. It surpass the

Advantages and
disadvantages of digital wallets such as paypass:


Competitive edge
through convince to customers: Customers will be able to order a product or
service in seconds by a simple tap on screen. Thus, the digital services
provide more convince method for the customers. The companies or organizations
which provide such fast and accurate ordering method will have more gain.

Lower costs and
reduction: The use of such digital wallets offers various discounts to
customers which is an advantage towards them. The use of such digital wallets
also reduces the cost of intermediaries involved in the transition.

It is modern cash less


Investment: The
initial cost involved for building digital wallets is too high. It because of
huge cost involved for bringing the supporting technologies.

Security problems and
malfunction problems: The digital wallets will save the information of
customers on cloud of the business servers. So it may lead to heavy traffic on
servers. And other issue is it may be misused by hackers if identified.


5) The
challenges that MasterCard face in rolling out smartphone payment systems are:


Appealing offers

behavior of customers


of the above said, the most difficult to address is “Deep rooted behavior of
customers”. All customers have the fear of losing money
while transaction and the hepatic process to register complaints and get back
the money in case of failed transaction, so everyone would like to be safe by
using the alternate option for payments and transfers which they felt safe and
secure. The said reason can be overcome on building the trust of customers for
smartphone payment systems for which the other three above stated reasons to be
rectified and accomplished.