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1. Go in for sports. It is believed that with greater physical exertion, the human brain develops better. Scientists from the Institute of Biological Studies in Salk, California, found that mice running in a spinning wheel have twice as many cells in that area of ??the brain that is responsible for learning and memory. Why are the brains of the more active rodents better? Voluntary physical activity is not so difficult and therefore more profitable. This means that, doing sports with pleasure, you become more witty and happy. 2. Train your thinking . Not only physical exercises are important. You can develop different areas of your brain, forcing them to work. Professor Katz says that thinking and analyzing the world around us can improve the functioning of inactive parts of the brain. Try new tastes and smells. Try to do something with your left hand (if you are right handed, and vice versa). Travel to new places. Do art. Read the novel of Dostoevsky. 3. Ask “Why?” Our brain is predisposed to curiosity. Allow yourself to be curious. The best way to develop curiosity is to ask the question “Why?” All the time. Let this be a new habit (at least 10 times a day). You will be amazed at how many opportunities will open before you in life and work. 4. Laugh more. Scientists say that laughter is good for our health. During this process, endorphins are produced, and this helps us to relieve tension. Thus, laughter can charge our brains. 5. Eat fish. The oil found in walnuts and fish was long considered useful only for the heart. But a recent study found that it is useful for the brain. There is not only an improvement in the air circulation system, which supplies oxygen to the head, but also improves the function of cell membranes. That’s why people who consume a lot of fish are less susceptible to depression, dementia, even attention deficit. Scientists noted that fatty substances are necessary for the mental development of children. It is possible that your own mental development and even intelligence can be improved with sufficient intake of this oil. Eat at least three pieces of fish per week. For example, salmon or tuna. 6. Develop memory. The brain is a memory machine. Take an old photo album or school diary. Spend time with your memories. Let the mind think, remember. Positive emotions from memories will help you cope with problems. 7. Eat right. Can harmful fats make a person stupid? This question was answered by researchers from the University of Toronto. They planted rats on a diet, reducing the amount of fat consumption, resulting in a deterioration in the functioning of the parts of the brain responsible for memory and spatial perception in rodents. But worse the situation was with the diet, when the percentage of fat content was increased. Fat can reduce the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your brain. You can consume about 30% of calories per day as fat, but most of them should come from the above mentioned fish, olive oil, nuts. Avoid fats contained in crackers and various snacks. 8. Solve the riddle. Some of us like mosaics, some crossword puzzles, and some have logical puzzles. All this is a very good way to activate your brain and maintain its activity. Solve the riddle for fun, but when you do this, you know: you are training your brain. 9. The effect of Mozart. A decade ago, psychologist Francis Rosher and his colleagues made a discovery. It turns out that listening to Mozart’s musical works improves mathematical thinkingof people. Even rats have overcome mazes faster and more accurately after listening to Mozart than after the noise or music of the minimalist composer Philip Glass. Last year, Roscher reported that Mozart’s sonata for rats is a stimulator of the activity of three genes associated with cells that transmit signals to the brain. This is the most harmonious way to improve your mental abilities. But before you take CDs, note that not everyone who aspires to Mozart’s effect gets it. In addition, even his supporters tend to believe that music enhances the ability of the brain, because it makes listeners feel better. There is a simultaneous relaxation and stimulation of the body. 10. Improve your skills. Normal activities, such as sewing, reading, drawing and solving crosswords, are important. Force yourself to do it all in a new way to improve your skills. Read new books, learn new ways of drawing, solve more complex crossword puzzles. Achieving better results will help your brain to be healthy. 11. Reduce the amount of alcohol. The study, which involved 3,500 Japanese men, found that those who consumed a small amount of alcohol had a better cognitive function than those who did not drink at all. But, unfortunately, as soon as you drink more than it should, your memory immediately deteriorates. A study in rats determined that those who consume a lot of alcohol lose cells immediately after drinking it. It is proved that alcohol not only damages mental abilities, but also prevents their recovery. 12. Play. If you have free time, play around. Allocate time for games. Play cards, video games, board games. It does not matter what you are playing at. The game will improve your mood and brain work. This will teach your brain to think strategically. 13. Sleep with pen and paper. Viewing key information before going to bed will improve its memorization by 20-30%. You can keep a book near your bed for reading before you go to bed, if it does not greatly bother you. And be sure to hold the pen with a notepad next to the bed. If there is any obsession, then she will not let you sleep until you “redirect” it to paper. 14. Concentration. Concentration can improve brain function. But “concentration thieves” are not always noticeable. Learn to notice when you are distracted. If you were to, for example, call, then this thought can interfere all morning, undermining your clarity in your thoughts. You may not even realize that this idea is preventing you. Take yourself into the habit of thinking and asking yourself: “What thoughts do I now have in my head?”. In our example, a phone call you could redirect to your to-do list. This can save you from this thought and help you think more clearly. 15. Love for the brain. In a series of studies by Dr. Cutler and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania and later at Stanford University, it was found that regular sexual contact had a beneficial effect on women. Sexual contact, at least once a week, led to regular menstrual cycles, shorter menstruation, delayed menopause, increased estrogen levels, and slowed the aging process. Increasing the level of estrogen by increasing the amount of sex work helps to improve brain activity. In the study of Dr. Cutler, the presence of orgasm was not so important. Affinity and emotional connection were the most influential factors. 16. Play with passion. When people study and work in the life of people, they give their work to 127% more. Admire yourself and admire the world. Remember what you loved to do when you were a child, and do it as an adult . This is the key to your genius. Da Vinci, Edison, Einstein, Picasso – they all loved to play and explore. 17. Cycles of consciousness. Determine the time when your mind is the most active. If you determine this time, you will be able to engage in the most important tasks at this time. 18. Study something new. This may seem obvious. Surely you have a theme that is most interesting to you. It does not matter whether it’s work or leisure. If you do not have such a topic, then try to learn the meaning of a new word every day. There is a big correlation between the dictionary and your intellect. When our vocabulary is constantly updated with new words, our intellect can work in a different way. Work, study! 19. Write. Maintaining a personal diary is very useful, primarily for you. This is a very good stimulation of the brain. Keeping records allows you to expand the capabilities of your brain. Find ways to write so that you can read the rest. These can be stories of your childhood that may be of interest to your friends. Get a blog so that you can read the rest.