1. first answer the questions “Does leadership affect employees

1. Introduction and description of the caseThe company Amazon, which is known for its diverse product selling, has the overall goal to “sell everything to everyone everywhere” with the newest innovations and a delivery time no one else can provide. Because it has such a unique way of organizational leadership, i am going to analyse the research question “How is leadership linked with employee satisfaction?”. In order to answer this questions i will first answer the questions “Does leadership affect employees satisfaction?”, “Can leadership influence employees satisfaction in a negative or positive way?” and “Can certain leader characteristics influence employees satisfaction more?”Founder and head of the organization Jeff Bezos, created 14 rules, known as the leadership principles or “articles of faith”. These rules are grounded on his main principles bluntness and confrontation, and his attitude against bureaucracy, harmony, “mediocrity”, “profligate spending” and for rigour. He created them in a way, so that every new worker would understand them and that it would apply to every employee. Bezos works hard to maintain the culture and these days it reached so far to be not only a part of the formal business but also of informal conversations and some employees even teach their children the principles. Later on, i will focus on all principles in more detail to link the theoretical constructs to this case.The employee who scores best in the leadership principles, wins an award which claims “I’m Peculiar”. People who do not meet the standards are fired at the annual “Organization Level Review”. This also applies for workers with a special illness, personal crises or parents. Furthermore, Amazon has special recruiter called “bar raiser” to find the best new employees from the thousands of applicants. Bar raiser are professional employees of Amazon, who interview candidates and can veto them even if the disagreement does not root in an area of their own expertise. To keep these best ones, new workers need to “repay a part of their signing bonus if they leave within a year, and a portion of their relocation fees if they leave Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam                                29.01.2018Academic Skills within two years”. Moreover the company measures the individual performance of the employees and the customer behaviour. The former employee Liz Pearce remarks “Amazon is driven by data, it will only change if the data says it must — when the entire way of hiring and working and firing stops making economic sense.” Additionally, Amazon created an anytime feedback tool. It enables unanimously positive as well as negative comments about colleagues to management. This is often used as a mean for scheming and intrigue. The following consequences are enormous. On the one hand side, crying and internally fighting employees, who feel like their work is never good enough, a huge turnover rate and scandals like the 2011 accident, where in Eastern Pennsylvania warehouse workers worked in more than 100-degree heat, so the ambulance needed to come, because they collapsed. Not to mention the big gender gap. No woman is in the top leadership team. A reason for this might be that the leadership principles disadvantage women, because they can’t be as “forceful” as men to disagree with colleagues and it is harder to “earn trust” as it is required in the Principle Number 10. Also unique circumstances during motherhood are not tolerated. Even though many employment lawyers in the Seattle area say they receive regular calls from Amazon workers complaining of unfair treatment and statements of former employees prove this point, Amazon refuses to admit that fact. The spokesman Berman declared: “Such responses to employees’ crises were not our policy or practice. If we were to become aware of anything like that, we would take swift action to correct it.”On the other side we have Amazon as the largest Internet retailer in the world if measured by revenue and market capitalization and Mr. Bezos being the fifth-wealthiest person on earth (unknown, unknown) Furthermore, the employees say themself that this way of working pushes them past what they thought were their limits, they like to be encouraged to “think big and know that we haven’t scratched the surface on what’s out there to invent”. Some people even get addicted to that way of working. Besides that, even relatively junior employees can