1.2.6. little more advanced. It combines the benefits of

1.2.6.  Water Purifiers from ‘Livpure’

Water Purifiers from Livpure offers
a complete range of water purifiers. It offers the best water purifier
technology in India’s best RO and UV water purifiers. Its water purifiers are
priced between 2,990/- to 29,500/- allowing even the economically challenged
people to have access to safe and pure drinking water.

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v Livpure Brahma (Kitanu Guard) is the cheapest purifier
in the Livpure range of water purifiers. Priced at only Rs2,990., offering a
5-stage purification and effective tank storage capacity makes this product
desirable among people having low budget.

v Livpure’s Envy RO 2000 TDS Membrane is a mid-priced
water purifier that offers unmatched style. sediment filter and carbon filter
and an efficient purification capacity of up to 15 litres / hour. This one is
priced at Rs15,600/- only and gives you an option to choose from turquoise,
orange and grey color.

v Add a small amount to the Envy RO 2000 TDs Membrane
water purifier and get home a RO + UV, Water Purifier – Livpure Envy Plus (RO +
UV) “I” RO Price Rs 17,100. Available in 3 colors – Moon Green,
Metallic Grey and Dark Maroon.

v Livpure offers the most advanced water purifiers using
intelligent control. They are priced between 18,000-19,000.


v Livpure Touch 2000 Water Purifier combines the
benefits of reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet light (UV) lo keep you fit and

v Livpure Touch 2000 Plus Water Purifier is a little
more advanced. It combines the benefits of reverse osmosis (RO) ultraviolet
light (UV) and ultrafiltration (UF) technology to provide you and your family
with safe, clean, pure water,

v Livpure 25 LPH RO is the best water purifier that this
brand has to offer. Combining great looks. extremely good purification system
with high capacity, Livpure 25 LPH (RO t UV with TDS Control) High Capacity
Commercial Water Purifier is definitely the first choice of anyone who wants
the best of all. Bring home this unmatched technology at 29,500 INR.


It has recently added a new water
purifier range ‘Water Purifier Livpure Pep’ and ‘Water Purifier Livpure Pep
Plus’ to its list. 6-stage purification process, Ultraviolet Disinfection
column, great sleek looks, top-notch performance and priced between 11,000-12,500
INR. Livpure is offering this at an introductory price of 9.990 only.