1.1 providers handle millions of calls and texts which

1.1 Telecommunication Industry


Telecommunication plays a major role
in Globalization since this industry is one of the biggest and rapidly growing
industries in the globe. We have chosen the telecommunication industry to
analyze as we observed that it is up-to-date with the rapidly evolving
technologies which is a major factor that motivates us to dive in to this. Also
in-depth technological information of 
Big Data applications were easily available.

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Chart 01 : Growing output per capita with Data use



Telecommunication service providers
handle millions of calls and texts which enables them to have biggest data sets
on their hands. Also, the industry grows with the technology instantly than
other industries since there are competitors and ever growing needs of the

This majority of data cannot be
handled by ordinary storage and processing techniques and there the need of big
data comes in. This massive amount data helps the companies to make their
business decisions by using Big Data technologies. We will discuss further on
the applications of Big Data in this report.


Applications of Big Data and Key Players

  “German Telecom”
deployed big data to get insights into their customers. CA Technologies were
their solution provider. This system focuses on an analysis of Future Customer Needs 1. Big data helps in understanding the
customer needs and help the companies to predict their future demands. As the
example it has been stated include adopting an Omni-channel approach to service
delivery and investigating in big data analytics to drive deep customer
understanding 1.

“Ufone” a Pakistan based mobile
service provider did a project on Advanced
Analytics to Study and Capitalize on Customer Behavior2 and grew its
subscribers from 1 million to 120 million within 10 years time 2 as a result
of the usage of Big Data on analytics of customer behavior. Here, it is used to
analyze the likes and dislikes of a particular customer segment 2.


            “Verizon” and “Vodafone” service providers have deployed a project on Usage of big data to combat fraud to
detect fraud 34, since the mobile service providers handle vast amount of
data, the complexity of fraud analysis became a huge challenge. In other words,
the fraud issues are critical and those should be handled in real time or in
near real time manner 4. The existing fraud techniques cover Subscription
Fraud, Wangiri Fraud, SMS Phishing/ Pharming and PBX Fraud. The  solution implemented can detect fraud which
were not detected previously with the help of Big Data. Also, the whole process
completes in less than four minutes 5. The “Argyle data” 4 and the “Diyotta”
5 have shared some information with regard to the approaches to the public.


“Dell EMC” has implemented a tool on Understand customer location and
travel patterns to support real-time promotions 7. In this application the
real-time analytics models are run to identify patterns in the subscriber
location data and realized the behavior of the customer 7. As a benefit of
this implementation the business have improved targeting and interaction with
customers, wider coverage for aimed marketing messages, improved efficiency of
marketing expenditures and additional revenue 7. Big data helped to stream
the real time data from 10 million subscribers.


        “Deloitte” has implemented the solution
for their customers on Real-time
customer insight and foresight with analytics 8. A solution by Deloitte
implemented using big data helps its users to better understand the customer
and proactively respond to customer actions by service up timely benefits and
offerings 8. Also the solution hash another feature which can help to increase
the ability to do scenario-based analyses and campaign simulations in
real-time. The solution was developed using SAP HANA platform which is an
in-memory solution 8.