• practices can be out sourced which will save

Recruiting and hiring  :-  The Hr. manager id responsible for
recruiting  and hiring the right
candidates for the the organization.

Performance appraisal:- HR manger is responsible for providing
continuous performance evaluation of the employee. The time to time performance
appraisal will eventually increase the productivity of the employee.

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Now the hr job has become more demanding and has evolved their roles
in to strategic areas as well.

Hr manger is also responsible for change in the organization. They
have to constantly be in touch to all the recent trends in the business world.

Motivation Speaker : hr manger not only have to evaluate the
performance but have to make sure that all the employees in the organization
are motivated. And have to organize 
different motivational workshop foe employees on the regular basis to
keep them motivated.

Induction and training :- the hr manager has to provide induction
about the organization to new joined employee. And have to provide training to
the employees to increase their productivity and training is the continues work

Compensation :- the compensation polices are to be designed by HR manger.


8.Be an employee champion

HR manager should know the issues that employees
are facing in the organization and it is responsibility of the HR manager to
solve that issue. HR manager should become the voice of the employee and should
adopt the changing need of the employees and should know their priorities.


9.Outsourcing HR services strategically

The HR managers should focus more on the activities which can not
be out sourced like building business relationships and developing custom
solutions for business. The recruitment processes or other such kind of
practices can be out sourced which will save the time of HR manager.

maintaining work culture :- in the organisation hr manager is
responsible for maintaing healthy and safe working environment to ensure that
the employees are comfortable. beacuse the performace is dirctly connected with
the environment they work in.

resolving the conflicts :- any conflicts between the employees are
to be resolved by the HR manger, because he is the one who is responsible for
managing human resource in the orgaisation.

employee relations :- in any organisation the need for HR manager
arsies because its major responsibility is dealing with the human part of the

 legal knowledge :- hr
manger in organisation should compliance with law.  he should ensure that all the labours laws
are being followed in the orgnisation.