· the impact of the information. · Digital art

·      Digital art made a connection between artists
and engineers/scientists, which revealed the influences between art and
technology. Artists began to explore these technologies, they were not just using
the new medium but were they also asking viewers to reflect upon the impact of
the information.


·      Digital art greatly extended the artist’s skills
from just the normal traditional used materials, into bran new skills of electronic
technologies. Instead of using brushes and paint, artists could now paint with
light, pixels and sound. Instead of using paper, artists could use digital
imagery or computer-generated graphics. Instead of physical, canvas, artists
could create graphic works for projection on a screen or via multimedia

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·      Digital Art has changed the wat that art could be made, viewed and dispensed,
though some digital art tends to be shown in the traditional style of galleries
and museums for viewing, especially for work that requires machinery or complex
components. but usually now Digital Art work can be seen via TV, computer
screens, Internet or Social media. This has made it a lot easier for artists to
get themselves noticed without the help from big museums or people.