· Equifax data breach pegs the concern of the

·      What are the
critical issues in the field of information?

·      What are your
aspirations in the field of information?

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·      What is your
understanding of the School of Information?

·      How will a UMSI
education help you reach your aspirations?

·      What would you
contribute to the UMSI community and to the field as a whole?













The paces of technological evolution have been increasing at an
exponential rate. With the CES 2018, unveiling new cloud server prototypes that
enable higher rates of information exchange, access and retrieval for a variety
of solutions, there is an exigent need of information management specialists.

Data security has remained as one of the primary spheres to bring about
evolution. The recent case of Equifax data breach pegs the concern of the data
security and identity theft protection measures for organizations with volumes
of sensitive data to be protected. On the other hand, visionaries such as Elon
Musk have revealed how future autonomous automotive machines will rely on heavy
data transfer, analysis and transformation to usher a new revolution in its
industry. To accomplish these goals, the cloud infrastructure and services
continuously need to evolve, to deliver high speeds of data retrieval and
reduce the latency experienced by the consumers. Data profiling, storing and
retrieval becomes equally important, since the correct inference of the
structured data would spearhead further research in diverse fields. The
increasing number of cyber security threats is another critical area. The surge
of the recent denial-of service attacks has brought the network vulnerabilities
to the fore, and measures to mitigate the risk of such attacks are crucial to
explore. Strict network security controls are of paramount importance.

I aspire to contribute to the rapid growth of technology in the
fields of cloud computing, data and network security and big data, through
practical application of the knowledge gained from the University of Michigan. The
AWS is evolving at a rapid rate and I wish to be a part of the information
revolution and add to its accelerated growth. 
A seamless integration of various electronic devices along with an
improved system interaction with the user would be possible by scrutinizing the
data and making predictive analysis by deducing patterns. I wish to contribute
to it by tackling challenging tasks in a team based environment to spearhead
extensive research and analytical methods of profiling relevant data and
extracting meaningful information from it. Information is power and hence its
correct usage would result in organizations solving a multitude of problems of
our society. However, the field of medical and scientific research still
requires comprehensive tools for their specific needs. Coming from a research
oriented family, I have realized how technology helps to harness the large
amount of bio-medical data to correctly predict recurring patterns requires
careful segregation of the type of data to facilitate the molecule analysis. My
aim is to achieve system effectiveness thus increasing the value, credibility
and success of a business model. My long term goal would be to provide
pro-active solutions to data discrepancies and be a part of teams bringing
innovation in more robust data and network security solutions.

Working as a Technology Analyst at Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. I realized how
large repositories of data are used for a plethora of applications and
providing solutions. Having worked on technologies such as SAS, Ab Initio and
Teradata I learnt how to use analytical techniques to extract the requested
information and combine the results from different platforms to develop optimal
solutions for complex problems. The School of Information offers the unique
opportunity of having mastery over Data Science and Analytics, Library Science
and Social Computing. Courses such as Information Visualization and Information
Retrieval focus on the techniques used to represent meaningful data in a form
that is customizable by the end user. The Social computing courses will impart
the necessary skills to build complex systems revolving around human interaction
thus offering valuable solutions to problems faced during the design of a new
social computing system. The flexible curriculum allows the student to choose
courses based on their individual interests. The voluntary student
organizations at the University of Michigan further enhance the data literacy
of the community with extensive collaboration with non-profit organizations. This
gives the student an opportunity to participate in knowledge building sessions
and strengthen their understanding of the concepts. The School of Information
also gives the students a chance to work with Professors as a teaching
assistant thus adding value to the system. What sets the School of Information
apart is the practical knowledge promulgated instead of theorized solutions to
tackle the real world information problems. The School of Information at the
University of Michigan thus, focuses on inculcating the necessary skills in a
student whilst preparing them to brace complex information challenges in any environment.

The courses of Data Manipulation and Analysis will give me in depth
knowledge of the tools and resources employed to analyze raw data and devise
methods of channelizing the results to increase efficiency and trigger
optimization of the data model. The courses of Data Mining and Information Retrieval will
help me gain the requisite knowledge to formulate new strategies to segregate the relevant information from vast and varying forms of data. Having interest in the web based applications that simplify the
workload of several tasks, I have pursued in my personal time to find ways to
integrate several web applications. Thus courses such as User Experience Research
and Design will help me devise web-based systems and applications, thus
ensuring a simple and effective end user computing experience. A significant
number of fields are using Data Analysis and statistics to improve the accuracy
of their predictions. The Statistics and Data Analysis course along with
Information Behavior shall help me in formulating improved ways of deducing
patterns based on the prior human interaction. Digital preservation required in
the fields of medical health and scientific research due to a large amount of
historical data has been on the rise. The courses of Digital Curation coupled
with Library and Archives assessment will aid me in the correct assessment of
stored information and its usability to improve the information services
provided by an organization. Hence the School of Information would be
instrumental in instilling the skills required for initiating increased system
effectiveness and performance of a business model and thus contributing to the

The Kappa and Theta Pi at the University of Michigan would provide me
with a progressive platform to collaborate with students from different
cultures in community and study groups to inch closer towards mutual growth. By
collaborating with other students and professors I would assist the University
in its research projects at the School of Information. If provided with the
opportunity to work as a teaching assistant, it would give me the chance to
share my knowledge and work with students from diverse fields. Clubs such as
Digital Scholarship Collective would give me a chance to contribute to the
research with students and faculty while learning tremendously from the environment.

With one of my interests being in Health Sciences, the Health Informatics
Student Organization would be the apt forum for me to assist the community in
their research. The capability to identify the specific key components and the
precise information needed from each sphere to solve a problem task is a skill
I’d add to the diverse group at the University of Michigan. I have also
consistently excelled in various public speaking tournaments, representing my
college in Parliamentary Debates and Model United Nations and have mentored the
members at Debate Society, VIT University. This exposure had endowed me with
the expertise to present cogent and persuasive cases during regular reviews, presentations
and discussions with the insurance clients at Accenture. Hence my contribution
would be in formulating the matter, manner and method for the representation of
a cogent case analysis which aims to strengthen the coherency of our solution
and facilitates a clearer understanding of the nuances involved.

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